Mental Seduction

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Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018




The Art of Mental Seduction

What a problematic poem introduction

Saying what’s on my mind, as my heart lays bare

Hanging onto life’s hands by a hope and a prayer

Times should be merry for this country and its citizens

I hope to always gain your confidence as I reel your mind in, time and time again

Open forum, submitted poems has taught me a thing or two

One tends to write, keeping up with the desires to mentally seduce you

My base, my home, my pen, my game

My creed of thoughts signed under Kemy’s name

I hope my words is the key to an emotional kiss

I feel a little insightful for poems I will give you from off my mental wish list

Angels, my sweetest, safety net

It separates reality, the warmth of its wings felt the best

Hum…what’s next

Words I hope to convey

While my fingers are typing, as if I would tell you, or say

I will always give you my heart, my mind

As I deal with society and love issues from time to time

In my absence, please read

Several poems, short stories in open forum as a good deed

So many occurrences have happened to all

Rooting our presence, or tears from spiraling pitfalls

Life and death decided in the blink of an eye

Leaving the mind with the What, When, and Whys

Has the basic of living the American dream turned into an unsolvable riddle

Dancing each day without the sweet melody of a fiddle

Political stagnation

Has ruled our great nation

Racial concerns and trepidation

Mass killings without regards for innocent liberations

The direct product of no gun regulations

Calls of falsehood for colored reprimands

Immigrants tossed around like blowing particles of sand

Sometimes this world makes me truly wonder

Is it because the older are no longer younger

Teenagers deciding our fate

Not a remorse from a blind seed of hate

Social Media sites, bullying, and gender debates

I will say, its technology and its warped sense of humor

These days in time, nobody holds back any rumors

A presidency filled with lies, favoritism, and corruption

Backdoor Russian discussions

Depressive news to give you a migraine or a head banger concussion

Can someone tell me who is running this great nation

It appears to be governmental misrepresentation

I thought when I voted it matters

I guess it all depends on whose mixing the batter

Various issues my mind tends to delve into

Issues related to you, me, society, and its marginal blues

Just to give you hope, inner peace, you’re just due

Stay with me, stay with my flow

We’ll figure it out as we touch and go

No issue that comes to mind ever offered any excuse

You my readers, have and always will be my mental muse

I respect you all for taking the time

Lending me your eyes as you read the keen formulas in my mind

I’ll uplift you through your sorrows, as well as your pain

As you enjoy a mental ride through my purple reign

Reposted from The Flow of My Heart To You III

© Copyright 2018 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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