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Humorous. The secret fate. Friends may betray

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



Once there lived a man called Bakaba. He

had a goat. One day they had no food the goat had eaten all the grass and there was no bread or butter. The man sang to his goat:

Today we will be hungry, O! my friend do not be angry, I have no bread or butter. You have no grass or supper,

Let's go walking, This unlucky morning, To find food, We know God is good.

I am not sad, You aren't bad, Nor am I glad, So do not be mad.

Then the two went down the road. They came to a cart of hay. The goat began to eat. The man sang again.

Oh! how you eat, I wish I could have your meat, Do not run away, I am going to slay, You after you finish the hay.

The goat ate all the hay, The man began to slay, With a rusty pen knife, He took it's life.

Oh! sad to say. The goat's life drained away, The blood began to flow, The man's sadness began to grow.

The man was a liar, He lit a fire, And began to cook, His share of food.

He sadly looked, At the food he had cooked, He began to eat, The old goat's meat.

Then he walked and walked, To himself he talked, Down the winding road, He met a Grey toad.

It began to croak, Bakaba gave a sigh, He saw a stork, Coming from the sky.

It caught the poor toad, The man in the road, Watched and respectfully bowed, At the funeral of the toad.

That is known as fate, It wouldn't come late, As you end your breath, You are conquered by death.

So that's the tale, I hope you are hale, I bid my farewell, To all my readers, "I hope you are well"

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