Pigeon from his soul

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Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



The pigeon from his soul rested by my bedside

With the letter in its beak waited in nighttime wide!

Placing it in the drawer of my existence it flew away and fired

Gifting me his presence and I was inspired!


The notelet that I opened spoke to me

‘We can never be one, we can never be we!’

My eyes just wept; cried out loud silently

Couldn’t even shush the sighs breaking out violently!


He began like he was a stranger, someone I never knew

Countless questions popped, lining up in an impatient queue!

I wondered and wondered as I was left to wonder

We’re not together and it was too hard to ponder!


Oh wait in the middle of the note

My strength lacks strength to explain what he wrote!

The last song he sang for me under that shadowy tree

Was crumbling as he broke the melody and the rhyme scheme!


‘Get lost, you never belonged to my heart

You’re a treachery, doomed and an ill-starred!’

I didn’t cry but swallowed the feelings the letter brought

Feelings- so vehement, intense and fiery hot!


Buried my face in the pillow; I didn’t wake up the same

Never bothered replying his countless letters that came-

His hands are tired of writing to this obstinate being

Adrift is he with the desired, forbidding fling!



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