Sleepless Nights

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Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018





Here breaks another day

Without your kisses’ gentle sway

The room’s empty and the bed sheet’s white

Without your lulls, I meet the sleepless nights


I talk to your picture hanging on the walls,

Placed on the side table, under my pillow

In my wallet and in this poorly lit heart


There is no use of my sweet gossips

That I do for hours and hours-

Waiting you would reply me back but

You don’t say- even a word!


When I place my head on the pillow

Your breathing is still alive-

Hot and soothing- as you respire

Lying beside me throughout the night!


I sense your sensual sighs

As you breathe in my hair

Love is in the air?

I wince at myself with contracted smile


And when I wake up

I feel your wet lips dwelling on mine,

Your fingers filling the gaps of my hands

And your body occupying every inch of my frame –


I witness your sensual grin-

Beaming in the dim light of the lamp-

And you whisper a magic spell in my ears

That segregates and breaks into tears


Then I get off my bed-

My eyelashes seem heavy as if holding the weight-

Weight of wretchedness that I bear

All that you left with and gave!


And there breaks another day

With the noise of falling beads

That are woven in a necklace

You gave-

The pillow has to bear the outbreaths and sighs

Singing manically in the lap of sleepless nights-

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