Not in thought

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No better than some things...

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



I chose it 

to be a butterfly or 

his friend a worm.

Like all creature do 

for entire life with companion or

be alone.

Shape or formless a friend 

can be, tough decision to make for 

colorful living.

It could be a fake worm or 

truly one butterfly be.

Follow breeze lightly swinging 

side by side with vulnerable 


Betwixt trunks 

in the woods find light dimly 

land on the ground

softly with color gold.

Breeding cool atmosphere 

from beside little stream 

slowly pouring from hillside.

Not in panic, not in hurry, but only 

repose on the stone waiting 

his friend a tiny worm.

Always by his side

from one rotten timber 

walk out slowly a gentleman 


How long it can 

be, as several sunset 

been past.

As friendship last 

for days or 


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