Protected Horizon Onward

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Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



Converged upon, the slab transposed on its memorialized lurid and foretelling rise. Battered ground, consigned to oblivion, unwelcomed, just as a saint from a time worth knowing. What is the promised price for disguising a dead land, to a providence of faith or beguiled breath, bending beneath the rooted thoughts of a cold cosmos.

I wish for no self-reproach to this uncrowned soldier, giver, peacemaker, starcatcher. Companionship may have caressed you, forsaking only the heart you gifted the glass souls. Each sharing a fragment of the old souled soil, forming, cursed, blessed, curved, only ever changing slightly. Sinking through air, colliding with the long awaited softness of a blanket, covering poor eyes the sight of all sighs. Torn petals; broken skin, webs collecting humble lives. A grave indeed.

To heal the hurt, giving a blind guard to the prince of Undertaking; the undertaker deceiving. Fearful of the engravings, spotless, but freckled with descending patterns of admiration, for it’s the path of the flesh.

Whether you died for the other, by some improbable author, or simply passed through the doorframe today, graced by symmetry and purged by a marriage; did they part. This depiction of a stilled moment holds a hollow purpose How Death had taken you from your dearest.

Those altercations may have given enough to feel certain, yet those altercations, tokens, vignettes, hold much more than an abyss in the Earth.

Your name remains secure, by a blossoming tie, fragile on edge, buried above time. I promise by an exalted witness, this enchantment of devotion is Stone; as stone should be.

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