Things to Come

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Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



Deep in the night when stars hung brightly

Oh moon her gentle radiance showing

Lay down my head and shut my eyes

For weariness overcomes me

Yet unknown to me an invitation I received

So my spirit was taken from me

No flight nor travel no timed delay

So instatanious was my arrival 

Unto the throne of God Most High

Waves of incese cloud billowed fromt the throne

Oh beautiful prayers of all ye saints from all of time

your words made praising smoke before the LORD

No chocking, gasping nor dismay came

From this all envoloping Cloud

Yet purer air came by these  prayers 

Than any have I ever breathed 

Oh glorious light which poured from God enthroned

No hidden shadow in His sight 

And colours unknown by human eye

Caressed the walls of this great hall

Then spilled unto the streets of gold

Quickly as I came

So quickly I was sent

Gone from the pressence of my one true love

The Lord unto I serve 

Bound again in chains of flesh

Which hold me to this earth

Awoke I in despair and sorrow as never I have known

For just one second, the briefest breath

In the pressence of my King

Is of more worth than all I've seen and all earth has to offer

So weeping I awoke torn from that I love

For still have I, labour to attend

His work is not yet done

My life still duty bound 

Onwards I shall serve my King, while in this suit of flesh

For one day soon 

A guarentee I hold

Is that by the blood 

Of slain and reserected Christ

Has all my debt of sin been paid

So one day soon I will return 

When all my tasks complete

I'll see again my LORD that I love

And run into my Fathers' arms.

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