Things Change

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I was trying to come up with something to submit for the 2018 Poetry Contest. There are so many different kinds of poems that can be written on a smorgasbord of different subjects. These thoughts
were running through my mind this morning. so I turned them into this. I don't have that "winning" feeling on it, so I am just going to post it for the people on Booksie to read. It's just not "THE
ONE". LOL. I hope you will find it an enjoyable read, anyway. Feel free to comment, if you like.

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



Things Change...


I sit here alone and remember

all the things that I once had.

A family with love and laughter,

spending time with mom and dad.


As time went by, I found love.

It seemed like a melody.

But soon I became afraid of

his angry hands pushing me.


I decided it wasn’t worth it,

that life could be so much more.

Searching for something that might fit,

I ran out a slamming door.


Then came the singing cowboy,

who sang me a guitar song.

He promised to never leave me,

but at the rodeo he was gone.


Tears fell down like a rainstorm

and it felt like my life might end.

I knew I must find a new norm

even if I had to pretend.


When it seemed like there was no hope

you came walking into my life

like a knight in an old silent movie

and soon I became your wife.


At times, the winds come crashing

but the two of us work things out.

I’ve always thought you were dashing.

And you love me, even when I pout.


Our children are the best we could wish for

and I know they will make us proud.

I’m not sure if there will be more,

maybe grandkids who play too loud.


Looking back, I can see it now.

There are good and bad times in life,

but if you make the time to allow,

you’ll find happiness after the strife.


© Copyright 2019 V. R. Blackwell. All rights reserved.

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