Relapsing & Reliving

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I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 10th poem set, Remembering Relapse.

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



I, always, wanted, to have, comfort, within, love, but, what, I, found, was, constant, torture.

I realize, now, that, what, I, needed, to find, was, clarity, within, closure.

I, don't, have, any, intention, to make, it, out, of, this, disaster, alive.

I, wanted, to see, my, life, replay, in, my, mind, and, visualize, it, in, my, eyes.

To share, these, feelings, with, myself, inwardly, one, last, time, before, I, die.

It is, difficult, to accept, how, some, beings, can be, so, loved, and, other, lifeforms, so, hated.

I've tried, my, best, to maintain, but, it, has come, to a point, where, I, can't, even, concentrate.

These traps, are securing, and ensuring, that, my, death, is, set, as, I, fade, away, into, my, grave.

My, life, pendulum, has been, swinging, steadily, but, it is, starting to, sway, rapidly.

Swiftly, swirling, into, darkness, as, I'm, relapsing, and reliving.

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