Galactic Interent (scary sci-fi)

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A short scary sci fi story about a person that is exploring the internet one late night and he finds a way into another internet that intelligent life from other planets and galaxies use.

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



I’ve always been someone that's loved to explore. First, it was when I was really little and lived near a forest. Then when I was a teenager we moved so I began to explore the internet. I’ve found many things online even though I don’t know how to code or do anything like that. It’s around three-thirty in the morning. I’m at my apartment surfing the internet. I’m pretty tired. I’m searching through Google. Most of it is just junk and websites that no one knows or cares about. I find a link that catches my eye. It says something about the galactic web. What could that be? I click on the link and it takes awhile to load. A blank white screen pulls up.  Strange symbols line the screen. Not knowing what else to do, I click the symbols. Links begin to swim down the screen. I click on one link. A bunch of pictures of planets that I don’t recall learning about pull up on the screen.  I click out of the link and into another. It looks like a chat room. No messages are appearing. I type Hey. For a while nothing comes through. Then a message with those strange symbols appear. I type Is this a joke? Whoever it is responds no. Then I receive a link to a video. Its a video of Earth orbiting the sun. With a message. We are the stars that you see in your night sky we have watched you since the Earth was formed. I’m now getting really scared. So I click out of the chat room and I enter another link. This one is really strange. It pulls up: 

Base on Jupiter 

Base on Earth’s moon 

Each base successful landing 

Under the reports I find pictures of Earth and its cites. I also see pictures of Jupiter and Saturn. 

I turn off the computer and go to sleep. But when I wake up the next morning and turn the computer on I find a message. 

Beware, human, you cannot see us in the daytime sky but at night when you watch the stars in the sky we are watching you from the stars.

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