the breath

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this was just a brief poem written during one of those bad nights with my health

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018





We all travel our lives Journey differently, our paths differ, our lives differ,

Our footprints have been placed in many different places, many different ways

Some constructive, some destructive.


Life is what happens when were taking each and every one of these steps,

along whatever path we travel.

Each day , each moment we are faced with choices, decisions 

I've hear the phrase WWJD, but, I can't help but think, No it's what did you do.


Everyday is this world we live within,  aprx. 2,626,418 people die

Was one of these someone you knew and loved ?

Did you having every chance to do so, tell that person I love you.

We can spend our lives in regret, should of..could of...would of..

It makes no difference wishing regreting,  see, it only makes a difference in what we DO.


You see my friend, we are given one and ONLY one  breath in this life

We take our first breath as were born into this world, and we exale this breath as we die, 

This preciuos breath, 

Many, many people out there  right now this moment are wishing for that breath, the breath we take for granted

Take the time to tell people you love them, call that person your false pride stops you from calling, 

Take time to spend your breath wisely, yreat others with compassion, love , including our furbabbies, 

In a blink of an eye that breath can be gone, and there thats you laying there wishing for the BREATH

Use it wisely,  Love you pass it on within your BREATH 


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