Limited Edition

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Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



I've always been a deep sea diver
Played by my own rules in life
Never understood all the hype
Behind wanting to be a certain type

Lately it seems like everywhere you go
People want you to jive with the flow
Roll with the punches, they say 
Without realizing that I make my own way

How can you have a tune
If there is no beat
Nothing pushing you from the inside
To dance and move your feet

Its just no way to live
One among many in cloudy sea
When did we stop being limited edition
And decide to sink into submission

Set your spirit free from convention
Honor that which does not need mention
Remember that part of being unique
Lies in your ability to remain magnifique

We only get this chance once
Why spend it with even an ounce
Of doubt and misery
When happiness can be your history

Don't fret over past mistakes
They are simply memories made
You are a limited edition
The rest of this is just a charade

With so many illusions
Its hard to believe
That there is hope
And that you will manage to cope

© Copyright 2018 Aida Mandic. All rights reserved.

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