The Forsaken Race 5 - The Warning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic


Not long ago, four gods had found a prophecy, and with it, five signs to mark how close it was to completion. They've been procrastinating with discussing it, but now, when they see just how close it is, things start to change.

Unable to reach the spirit-walker, a mysterious spirit tells Kita about the signs and the prophecy, and she must keep a sharp eye out as she continues to fight and train with her Zyrean comrades. However, it's not just the spirits that are upsetting the world's balance. The Aubades are continuing to conspire and build their army's strength, confusing even Mao and Yuna, and upon targeting some elven tribes, Leiytning and the other demons must uncover what's really going on as they brace for another barrage.

Will Leiytning and Timbur solve the elven mystery and stop this new attack in time? Will Thundur finally quell the rage in the spirit realms? Will Mao and Yuna overcome the trials and discover the truth behind their strange new companion? And can Kita alone prevent a prophesied havoc from being unleashed?

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    "Mao, stop dragging me!" Yuna snapped. Mao was hardly listening well ... Read Chapter

The Scourged Name

    "CUUUTE!" Mao's giddy screech was as loud as it was adorable. She was... Read Chapter

Piecing The Clues

    Two days had come and gone, and it was already morning on the third. Being spring in April, the sky was ... Read Chapter

Beyond Reality

    It wasn't just the sylphs that had been moved around. Today mark... Read Chapter

An Annoying Start

    Powder, stone, and nearly-visible winds. That was all there seemed to... Read Chapter

Four's Hand

    'GRRRR' As Kita felt the ground tremble and quake, she anxiously unsh... Read Chapter

Cruel Trickery

    It was evening. The halls of the Ancient Ruins were still crumbling. The old castle's... Read Chapter

The Fourth Sign

    The Dead Beach had been quiet all day. After all, four demons were out, including the most vocal ones li... Read Chapter

To Pursue Or To Execute

    Hours continued to pass, and the sun was starting to get low again. In the cold mount... Read Chapter

A Quarrel Among Kings

    Back in the Frost Elves' castle, the elf captain finally opened the doors to a large gallery. Several st... Read Chapter

Conflicting Words

      Daylight shone throughout the Aubade Palace, including a secluded parlor room on a high floor... Read Chapter

The Depths

    ‘THUD!’ As Mao crashed onto the ground, all the air left her lungs and a jolt of pain burs... Read Chapter

Return To The Past

    This place was horrifying on a normal basis, but it was even worse at night. Surrounding the faint, long... Read Chapter

Always Questioning

    The sun was barely rising, by now. In one section of the Northern Territories, there was a land where st... Read Chapter

Tensions Rise

    Although dawn was surely breaking, it was hard to tell from the Dead Beach, since the... Read Chapter

Poisonous Bloom

    It was coming close to noon by now. In the Hex Den, Seyber was humming to herself as she checked their p... Read Chapter

Sinking Deeper

    Aina casually strutted through the halls of the Aubade Palace. There was a sergeant behind her, carrying... Read Chapter

Sticks, Stone, And Snakes

    Mao froze, trembling. "Wh-Where am I now?" After hours of wandering alone, Mao's nerves only g... Read Chapter

True Demons

    After a long night, the sun rose to illuminate a very large, very old pine forest. It was rare when peop... Read Chapter


    In her new room, Kita was relaxing on the bed. She was reading through one of the many books; it was jus... Read Chapter

The Miscreation

    At the peak of the fortress’s stone path, the overlook seemed barren, and the forest below was quiet. ... Read Chapter

Crystals Light The Way

    "Mao!" When Mao opened her eyes, she was very startled to see Yuna in her armor. They were in ... Read Chapter

Into Ry'Enna

    The night was still passing, and dawn was just barely approaching. It was likely somewhere around five i... Read Chapter

An Answered Call

    Later on, as the sun rose and the day started for everyone, there was one room in the... Read Chapter

Going Deeper

This is the LAST chapter before the paywall! Head over to Webnovel to see what happens to Leiytning and Timbur in the crypt, if Kita really will admit everything to Thundur, if Daemon acts on his
word, or if Nagiri, Mao, and Yuna will get out of the ruins alive and well. Of course, these are the very least of the grand finale...

Please enjoy!
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Hello good reader! So, to keep making these books and promote the series, the last few chapters are ONLY available on! You c... Read Chapter

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