The Forsaken Race; The Warning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Improvement

Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018




(Twenty-three days later...)


The banshee, a legless being covered in disheveled bandages, let out a bloodcurdling screech as its body dissipated into thin air.


Kita panted hard, pulling her dark sword back. She looked around suspiciously.

Surrounding her was a familiar forest with very lush trees and other foliage, the ground beneath invisible because of it. A very faint amount of light shone past the thick branches, overhead. There didn't seem to be a clear way out, with how crowded the trees and other plants made it.

Kita looked indifferent, with her dark violet locks and old gray dress, which was stained and stretched after being put through so much combat.


Kita took a sharp breath, looking around in a cautious manner. As if were some instinct wired to her brain, she took on a defensive battle stance; her weight forward, and her sword raised diagonally in front of her.

There was nothing she could see or hear, save for the small 'cracks' of splintering wood.

Still unnerved, Kita slowly reached down and pulled up a rock. With one quick strike- 'CLANG!'

She cracked the rock against the blade of her sword. The ring was loud and annoying, the sword and her hand vibrating, but she knew it would irritate an enemy even more.

Come on...

Sure enough, it was mere seconds before another banshee charged through the trees, its long fingers poised to strike down and tear the half-sylph's flesh apart.

Kita, her stance reverting back to defensive, blocked the attack and quickly pulled away. The banshee tried to strike again, but as she dodged, she swung upward with all the force she could muster, and the banshee's hand fell off as the blade went straight through its wrist.


The banshee pulled back, and Kita had to hastily dodge and block a barrage of rapid swinging from one hand.

Its voice was like nails on a chalkboard. "You little wretch!"

Kita was hit with the banshee's stump of an arm, the surprising amount of force behind it knocking her back some, and the creature still pursued her.

However, at last second, Kita summoned countless memories in her mind; a flurry of thoughts fusing into a black mass that became engulfed in flames of rage.

Her hand burst with red-orange flames, then she dodged the banshee's following attack, then as it stumbled from the unbalanced force, she put her hand inches from its back, and almost instantly, a beam of fire shot into it. This continued, the banshee screeching the entire time, until the beam of fire passed through its body entirely, scorching the ground in front of it.

Kita stopped, then kicked the beast down as its body started to dissipate.

From there, Kita looked up, observing the scene around her. There were no corpses, but had these banshees not dissipate when they died, then there would be about nine scattered around the forest.

Besides a slight draft rustling the leaves, there was complete silence. Seeing as how banshees liked being vocal and noisy, and were terrible with stealth, Kita started to think that everyone had been slain.

The flames on Kita's hand extinguished. She grunted irately. "Nine, this time..."

Slightly suspicious, Kita started off. She sheathed her sword and proceeded onward at a cautious pace.


At last moment, Kita rolled out of the way as a banshee nearly grabbed her, threatening to rip her heart out.

Kita unsheathed her sword and sank it deep into the passing monster. It dissipated before it so much as hit the floor.

"I knew this wasn't hard enough," Kita muttered. She yelled tauntingly, "Thanks so much for that."

As Kita stepped back, she could see three more banshees through the trees. They approached slowly, ominously, letting out small chortles and cackles as they closed in.

Kita flipped her sword, returning to her defensive stance. "Thirteen total."

One banshee rushed onward, and Kita had to dart to the side to avoid its attack. Before she could return the attack, though, she had to turn back and block a different one's attack. She moved back and sliced out, leaving a long slit across its face, then turned to block the third's attack.

However, as she tried to counter the attack, the beast caught her blade with the tips of its fingers.

Kita laughed nervously. She quickly released her blade, darting back. She was now disarmed, surrounded by three of the monsters.

She called, "This isn't over!"

Kita raised her arm, pointing it out, and as she dug her nails into the palm once, the hands became engulfed in a substance that looked like ethereal blue-flared fire, only far more frilled and unstable.

Kita focused, her eyes becoming glazed with this bluish color, and clenched her fist as she pulled her arm back in. When her hand reopened after this movement, a shockwave had been released, knocking all the foes back. The third banshee was forced to drop the sword, which Kita quickly recovered, and stabbed the banshee before it got back up.

For the other two, she dodged an attack, then had to roll back in order to avoid another. This movement was hasty and unsteady, but she hurriedly recollected herself and stood.

Even so, she was immediately knocked back down by one of the two. She had to roll out of the way of an attack, then brought herself up, and with her sword raised in the process, she hacked one of the banshees' arms clean off.

She stabbed the armless one through its core, and while it dissipated, Kita ran aside, and as the banshee charged past her, she brought her sword up in a graceful movement. Doing so cut right along its spine. It screeched, then dissipated as well.

It would seem that all the banshees had been slain. Kita lowered her sword, taking in a deep breath.

However, Kita felt something at the very back of her mind. She felt something shake her; something was still here, and she could feel it. Like a sixth sense wired to her other five.

It's right over...

Kita hurriedly turned around and blocked two small blades from hitting her. The foe on the other side, though Kita couldn't see clearly, was small and light in build.

"Sense improvement; cross that off the list," Kita remarked.

The voice which responded was light and feminine, somewhat cute.

"Guess so."

Kita forced her sword forward, knocking the attacker back. As the light finally got through the branches, she revealed herself as Seyber; the pale-skinned, lavender-haired Zyrean with pale blue eyes. However, she had changed her look to where she had a more elaborate blue, white, and purple dress with fuschia detailing. She wore matching blue gloves, as well as stockings (although her three-toed, talon-like feet remained exposed) that were black with pink stripes. Even her long hair, falling just at the hip, was flowing free, with only one section hanging in a braid.

Kita sheathed her sword. "Nice try, Seyber."

Seyber only crossed her arms. "Don't blame me for trying. Thirteen taken on your own; that's a record. I wanted to see if anything else improved, along the way."

"A lot has."

Kita's focus drifted to the new speaker, having revealed herself after hopping down from one of the above branches. Another female Zyrean; one with black-to-white hair. Her right eye was amber in color, the other hidden. She had changed her attire, but that just made it harder for many strangers to look at her guiltlessly. She was wearing a black top that still left her gut exposed, and her cleavage was only covered by red laces. Her shorts matched such a theme; black with laces along the sides, and the holster for her whip had a new golden charm on it. She even replaced her tattered old eye-patch with a red and gold mask that only covered her left eye.

"How so, Thundur?" Asked Kita, in response to the spirit-walker's previous remark.

"You're not quite warrior-level yet," Thundur explained. "However, you've been doing much better than when you started."

"Of course she has," said Seyber. "Not just because she really is improving, but because her first opponent was Timbur."

Kita laughed, slightly embarrassed. "That didn't end well."

"Of course not," Seyber agreed. "As if the grudge you two have wasn't enough, you called him 'tiny.' Had we not restrained him, that would've become more than a sparring match."

Thundur looked unamused. "That is why we use banshees, instead. Although, with how much you've been improving, I may be able to start using less restraint when I summon them..."

Kita gasped. "Uh, please not yet! I-"

Seyber nudged her playfully. "Too scared?"

"No, I just don't think I've improved enough," Kita insisted, then looked to Thundur. "What has been getting better, specifically, though? I want to know so I can focus on the problems."

"Well, I'll just get to my main point," said Thundur. "Keep in mind that my training, therefore these sessions, revolve around magic. Yet here, I see a total of only four spells throughout the entire match, some exceedingly simple. Mind you, I'm not Leiytning, and this isn't sparring."

It was true that Thundur's reason for training Kita was because of her very powerful, very unstable magic. She still did know just how powerful it was, as she had only been using a fraction of it; she could tell that much. It was Leiytning who taught her everything to know about using a weapon.

Kita sighed, "I know, and I'm sorry. It's just that magic scares me a bit. I keep thinking that-"

"You'll lose control?" Thundur interfered, one animalian ear twitching.

"Yes," Kita answered. "After all, you said yourself that it was highly unstable, and we don't know the full length of its power. I use hypersense for missions, and a few fire blasts when I'm in trouble. Anything else is, well..."

Suddenly, Kita felt something smack her head.

"Ow!" She cried.

"That was just rude," Seyber muttered.

Thundur aside the stick she just used. "Get that thought out of your head before it sinks in. Losing control is for the insane, not magic users."

"But I've done it before," Kita argued.

"That's not your magic, that's just Corelia being a manipulative bitch."

Kita chuckled, "Well, that's believable."

Thundur suddenly seemed unsure. "...While your skill in magic is unknown, I admit that you've gotten much better with the sword. Leiytning will be glad to hear about that; I'll be sure to tell him later."

"Thank you," said Kita.

"As for your magic training," Thundur continued, "I know you've gotten used to the basics, despite your refusal to use them. That's why we'll take a step up. Once you get past this, it should break you from this scared state, and you'll be ready for further training."

"What is it?" Asked Kita.

"Firing a beam of fire inches from the monster is easy enough," said Thundur. "But the shockwave you used is much trickier, so I'll take that as a sign you're ready. You'll be firing not in anyone's general direction, nor inches from the target, but you'll need aim; using magic at its maximum range."

"Isn't it a little soon for her to be learning that?" Asked Seyber. "She's already having to cram the rest of this training in her mind."

"It's better to make sure she learns fast," said Thundur. "With Aubades and beasts both giving us trouble, we want to make sure she's prepared for whatever's to come next in the barrage."

"Things are already starting to pick up, again," Kita remarked.

"All the more reason to speed the process along," Thundur replied.

"And magic at long range..." Kita hummed. "I'm not too sure. Scorch let me use his gun just for random fun, and I wasn't too bad with it. Maybe range magic won't be so hard, either."

"Not so hard, you say?" Thundur inquired.

She grunted, then took her coiled whip from its holster at her waist. Upon tapping the side, a dagger's blade shot out of the end of the hilt. Kita watched with slight confusion and curiosity as she pulled the blade out.

As Thundur sheathed her whip again, Kita felt a pang of surprise as Thundur threw the blade skyward. It whistled through the air until it hit a branch high above either of them. It was now at least one-hundred feet from the ground.

"Try to hit the blade with a shot of aura magic," Thundur commanded. "Don't use fire magic, otherwise you'll burn the whole fortress down."

Kita looked at the blade nervously. Other branches ever so slightly blocked the way, making only one clear, narrow path. In order to reach the spot, one would need perfect aim. While Kita knew her aim was alright, she was unsure if it was good enough to pull a stunt like this.

Kita cringed. "I'm not sure if I can hit that."

Thundur crossed her arms. "Consider it the key to your next lesson. Only when you hit it will I teach you further."

Seyber shot her mentor a glare. "Now that's just cruel."

"It worked for the rest of us, didn't it?" Thundur argued. "The same will go for Kita."

While those two continued to bicker, Kita took a deep breath before looking back toward the dagger. Hesitantly, she dug the ends of her claws into her palm, and more ethereal aura began to flare off her hand.

As she raised it, her hand aimed upward, it recollected into one ball, hardly any larger than an apple.

I can do this...I can do this...

Taking a deep breath, holding it in her lungs, Kita closed one eye and focused hard on the small target. One flex of her fingers, and the magic released, firing the ball of aura toward the dagger.

The shot went ten feet before dropping, and Kita had to run aside to avoid getting hit by it.

"You need more power," said Thundur. "And you should also account for its weight and bluntness. A thick, heavy shot will just drop within the first ten feet. Keeping them light and sharp will let it fly faster, further, and more accurate."

Kita nodded. "I see."

"Then try again," said Thundur.

Kita charged another ball of aura, but looked very cautious as she focused on the shape she was creating. This time, its diameter was hardly greater than her pinkie finger, and the shape was more stretched and slightly more pointed.

As she took aim, she also focused harder on the force behind it. The moment she fired, it traveled much faster and further.

However, the aura hit a branch within ten feet of the target, putting a crack in the wood.

Kita let out a discouraged sigh. "Well, I guess I was lying when I said I wasn't terrible at this."

"It will take much more practice than two shots," said Thundur. "Try again."








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