My eternal torment

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Submitted: July 16, 2018

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One could never have imagined
just how ingenious hell would be.

The cruelty was a given,
it to be so crafty was a shock.
Every one's is different,
as a person often is.
Never expected mine to be
as devastating as this.
Can't bear to live my life,
can't end it either.
Is it truly death I desire,
or an end to this satire?
My heart is broken, my spirit null.
All colours fading, feeling dull.
Hope is smashed beyond repair.

One could really not imagine
just how cruel one's hell would be.

What form it's take.
The length it'd go.
It won. I'm done.
I broke only to rise the next day.
Brighter colours, filled with hope.
Knowing better yet still believing,
That my heart was worth retreiving.
Polished, mended, I did it all.
Only so you could let me fall.

I just never could've imagined
just how crafty my hell would be.

It provided all my wants,
then turned them back on me.
The joy, the giggles and gentile laughs,
would all become pure sorrow, tears
and heartwretching sobs.
Day by day I lived for fun.
Knowing it could end too soon.
Never once did I stop to think,
that this life just might not end.
Now I live in ruins, past created,
praying tomorrow never comes.
Devastated that my number,
still keeps rising by the year.

Never once did I imagine
just how hellish life could be.

The pits I dug and fell in,
never to climb out.
You took my hand and saved my smile,
Toward the light we went.
I held you dear and I still do,
my heart is yours to keep.
Little did I know that light,
was fire through and through.

My personal hell I did create.

Crueller than I could imagine.

My eternal tormenter.






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