The Community

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story I did in one sitting. It is a story that is ominous. It starts when person sees something that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018



He lives in the little community for as long as he can remember. He stood out in the woods with his lever action rifle in his hands as he neared the road where three of the community members are, standing on the road where an outsider is. The red flannel shirt that he is wearing is starched when he clutched the rifle in his hands. The outsiders look with friending pose as they got out of the RV with curious glances, asking the members about the RV spot that is around these parts when both parties spoke in secret. The community members spoke in whispers and the person with the RV spoke back. Then the conversation rendered louder and louder while the person who is a man suggested poking his finger in one of the members as the man with the flannel shirt shied away from this to get the sheriff that is somewhere in the community.

He wanted to watch but he did not wanted to be aware of the members from the community. He has been hunting since dawn for deer that is still in season.

He jogged through the woods before meeting the tree line, seeing the steeple of the church that is at the end of town when he jogged down the embankment that leads from the woods. He entered town with the rifle still clutched in his hands which is forbidden by the town ordinance, scaring the people that are approaching their own business before seeing the man with the rifle run about, looking for the sheriff that is in town. The woman that came out of the local store looked at the man with the rifle, retracing her steps back into the store, calling the manager to call the police which the manager is busy doing the inventory.

The man with the rifle stopped at the intersection with the barrel of the rifle up in the air when a cruiser screeched in front of him. A badge got out with the gun in his hand.

“Why do you have that rifle, Carter?” The badge by the name of Geena Zooley kept the gun pointed to the deck of the tarmac.

“I’m looking for the sheriff, saying that there is something going on upon Wrecker Road.” Wrecker Road is famous for the wrecks that happen there. One incident happened when Marty Stone went down that road with his hot rod and never came back alive on that road. A deer jumped out in front of him when he swerved, being that the end of Marty Stone’s life when his passenger tires dug onto the side of the road when he overcorrected.

His car, there was nothing left of his car but a twisted mess when Geena at this present moment came up to relinquish his rifle out of his hands.

“That is a two hundred dollar fine for having a weapon in the town premises. I’ll have to write you a citation, Carter.” Geena unloaded the rifle, setting her hat on the hood of the car and dispensing the rifle’s bullets into the hat as she worked the lever mechanism. The rifle is empty.

“Sit tight.” She went around the cruiser and placed the rifle in the backseat, closing the back door to get to the front door where her citation book is.

“Are you going to look to see what is going on?”

Geena didn’t respond when she started to write in her citation book. Her sunglasses didn’t see the look in her eyes. They are casted in darkness. Carter moved a little in his stance, looking towards the tree line when he thought of going back to the tree line.

“Do you have your license on you?” Geena asked him with her face like stone, expressionless.

Carter looked back at her when she told her that he doesn’t drive. Geena smiled but something about that smile did not set with him at all. The smile is a smile of falsehood. This made him feel un-wanting at this present moment. He stood there when he didn’t say anything anymore.

That night, he sat in his streamliner trailer with the lamp light on beside his lounge chair. The small television is on with his mind worried about the people that are on Wrecker Road. The road is actually named Talbot Road by the antiquities of all the old people that are dead now. Wrecker Road is another term that is prized for its grim incidences that happen on that road. The television, he looked at when he thought about the outsiders that came into this town as he gathered his ingenuity to fetch his laptop that is next to him. He has browsing web out here but it costs an arm and a leg when he fired up his laptop and clicked on the history of the community of Pleasant Wells. He read it in silence when the town is founded on a group of fur trappers that came to exchange the pelts with the Hurons that used to live here when the world was full of green and nothing else. As time passed and everything started to become government fulfilled, a man by the name of Henry Nelson founded Pleasant Wells and set up a mill to conduct lumber operations. The rest is history when this small community when it flourished to a population surplus of 6,598 people. Now there is an old factory treading waste into the Hylian River and a bar that throws out most of its patrons on Friday night over sexual perversions that clouds the judgment of the mind.

Carter read this when something bumped up against his stainless steel door. He knew what it is when he opened the door, being surprised when he backed up to the scene that is playing out upon his front steps. He sees the heads of two people that are on his steps as he looked at the one for the longest time. He knew it is the man of the one that was starting to argue with one of the community members that are on the road this day when Carter ran to get the phone that is in his streamliner.

An hour later a few deputies came to his trailer to observe, photograph, and investigate the scene around Carter’s trailer. They has almost the entire force out there looking for the perps that done this awful crime. Carter sat in his streamliner with Geena (the same woman that cited him), Hugley, and A’Mere standing with Hugley’s note pocket that is in his left hand.

“All I know is that I heard a knock and open the door. That is all.” Carter looked at all three of them that is standing around them when A’Mere shifted on his feet. Geena looked at Hugley when he wrote on his notepad for considerations that will be beneficial on his investigation.

“Do you know anyone that has a beef on you? Did you take anyone’s parking space or messed with anyone at the supermarket or anything?” A’Mere, the senior deputy on the scene asked Carter when Carter stared at him.

“I don’t get out of the trailer that much. I hunt and can good from the garden out back. I keep to myself.”

“If you keep to yourself then people are going to think the other way when it reaches the news.”

“Is their crime of being alone and is there a crime that you are accusing me with?” Carter felt the anger bubbling up inside of him.

A’Mere raised his hand up in the air.

“Nothing personal; people in town are scared of people, especially outsiders getting killed. It causes collateral damage to the people that are outside this jurisdiction.”

Carter put his eyes to the ground, dropping his head. He didn’t know what he is going to do when he wiped the coming of sleep in his eyes.

“We will keep this under wraps and out of the public equation for now. We will keep in touch though. Do you have a phone?”

“A cell phone that comes with my internet package,” Carter pointed to the rack that is screwed into the chair.

“Okay, I’ll give you my card. Call us and we will be in touch. Okay?” Carter knew of the police. They have the authority to get it from the phone company on the investigation of leading towards the prime suspect. Why would I place head on my own doorstep even If I am the suspect? That does not make any sense.

“Just stay in the trailer until the crime unit says it’s okay to come out.” A’Mere looked at Hugley who wrapped up his notes, putting it in his pocket before they filed out of the trailer.

Geena is the last one to file out of the trailer when she turned and looked at him in the eyes.

“What were you talking about that you were in the woods when I sited you on that gun charge, the woods near Wrecker Road?” Geena pointed at him when Hugley and A’Mere stopped in their tracks. They looked at each other before looking at the back of Geena.

“I told you that the community members were out there talking to the guy that is a severed head. I tried telling you that.” Carter looked at her when she came back into the trailer.

“Were they driving an RV?”


“Did you see what happened to the two that owned the RV?”


“Do you know the names of the community member?”

“No. They do hang out at the bar on Friday nights but I do not ever see them anywhere else.”

Geena stood there with her hands on her utility belt. She stood there for a few seconds before she turned and walked down the stairs. There are no other words that are spoken between each other when Carter raised his hands in the air. The door is shut behind them when the night continued on and the moon slowly moved across the horizon. Carter kept his thoughts to himself when he lied back in the chair, not realizing that he went to sleep when he did.

He awoke to the sound of a knock on the door. He got up from his seat to investigate when he opened the door.

“Mr. Giles; you can come out of your trailer now.” the blue coated officer with a CSI text on his back implied. He didn’t even grant him a good night when they left the scene in a matter of minutes. Carter stood outside his door for the whole length, looking at the sky in dismal amazement when he turned and walked back into his trailer before closing the door.

That night there is no sound but the nightmares that are beginning to plague him.

That morning when he got up, he fetched a cup of coffee that he percolated in his small kitchen, going to the bathroom with the coffee cup cooling next to his wash basin. The spider that is in the wash basin slowly walked up the stainless steel wall when Carter did his business with his number one coming in full stream. By the time he got out of the bathroom is when he sees the spider that is out of the wash basin.

“You little…” He spoke in silence when he threw his hand on the spider, killing it. He stepped back before grabbing the coffee cup that is besides the wash basin. He took the first swig on the start of a new day.

A little later that morning, Auntie came from the north down the road on her old fashioned pedal bike. She glanced at the day with no cloud in the sky when she sees Carter Giles Streamliner that is sitting in the property that is just a little way from the road when she banked the bike to the left and traveled down the dirt path that leads up to his trailer. Carter didn’t see this as he tended to his garden that is behind the trailer.

She kicked the stand down and got off her bike, feeling the pre-arthritis in her back when she pondered up the stairs to the door to his trailer. She sees the little glints of rust on the stairs on a Streamliner that is completely made of stainless steel. She almost knocked on the door when Carter behind the trailer stabbed the dirt with a garden hoe when she heard of this. She came around the trailer some moments later.

“Morning, Carter.” Auntie says with all three hundred and twenty pounds of her. She waddled to the corner of his garden with his back doing all the work and his hands starting to ache.

“Morning Auntie. How are the blueberries doing?” Carter asked her when her smile faltered a little.

“I heard something happened here last night from someone in town. I went to the early bird special at the diner.” Auntie says when Carter looked at her before looking at the tomatoes that are next him, needing to be weeded.

“Yeah; something happened to two outsiders and they were murdered. Someone did it. I don’t want to go into details. It is too gruesome.”

“Oh my god; is that why they were here; the deputies from town?”

Carter nodded his head when he finished up one plant and moved on to the other.

“Yeah.” That is all he says when he started in on the second plant that is in his walking path.

“What kind of sick person would do this; were they outsiders?” Auntie asked Carter when Carter raised his head with sweat pouring down his face.


Auntie cocked his head with puzzlement on his face.

“I didn’t hear anything about any outsiders.” Auntie felt worry in her mind.

Carter looked at her square in the eyes.

“What? Are you sure?” Carter perked up, standing on the balls of his feet now in full stance.

“Yeah; all I heard were the murders and there is a killer in town.”

“You didn’t hear anything about an RV?”

Auntie shook her head when Carter looked at the tomato plant that is in front of him. Why are the deputies lying about this? It is almost like they are trying to hide something.

“What happened here?” Auntie asked when Carter looked at her.

“You don’t want to hear of such happenings. It is too gruesome.” Carter warned her when Auntie didn’t ask anymore.

“Did you see my dog? I think she ran off again.” Auntie asked Carter when he told her that he has not seen her dog. They talked of cumbersome ideals for a while when Auntie left with a bag of cucumbers that is in the crook of her arm. Carter waived her off with his mind thinking about what he had seen in her face. Something that made him cries out in fear in his mind when he saw it and didn’t make any waive of what he had seen.

The bones in her face moved as something slithered underneath it. Carter saw this when he kept that to himself with the shakes happening in her hands. It is the shakes of knowing the unknowing when he started to wonder what in the hell is happening when he ceased to weed the garden, traveling back in to make a couple of phone calls on his cells. Nothing rendered on the line but a beep-beep-beep of a busy signal on every phone call that he made. He ceased to call on the fifth phone number, putting the phone down on the skimpy countertop as he looked out the narrow window over the wash basin.

There is a smoke that is happening in the woods of where he lives when he eyed the smoke for the longest time. He gathered the strength to pick up his phone when he called central dispatch which he got them on the third ring.

“Central.” A woman’s voice spoke on the line.

“Yeah, this is Carter Giles that lives on Mulberry Road. I like to tell you that there is something burning in the woods where I live on 12689 and I cannot get anyone other on the phone. I think my service is dropped.”

“We know about that.” Central Dispatch says on the line. She said this like it is orchestrated with her voice being cold and unfeeling.

“Does anyone live out there?” Carter asked her with his voice getting more and more enraged.

“We got the call and we have a truck out there suppressing the fire as we speak.” Her voice in the middle of that sentence drone down with a sound that is horrifying with her voice getting deep, sounding almost alien-like when it measured out to a woman’s voice again

Carter kept the voice screwed to his ear when the phone call abruptly ceased, sounding like the phone call is cut off when Carter looked at the cell phone that is in his hand. He shook his head before keeping the phone close to him when something crawled up the driveway leading to his trailer. It is two police cruisers filing into his driveway with his phone still in his hand. The police deputies got out of their cruisers with their guns drawn.

“Get down on the ground.” Geena commanded with her aviator sunglasses that are sitting on the brow of her nose.

“What is the charge?” Carter asked with his hands up in the air.

“Get down on the ground, now!” A’Mere also screamed out with many barrels pointing in the direction towards Carter.

“I’m not getting down on the ground before you tell me…” A bullet is fired, hitting him in the leg when he dropped down the stairs, hitting the last stair with blood squirting from the wound of where they shot him.

“What the fuck!” Carter screamed at him when Blood splattered from the wound on his face.

“You fucking idiot, Hugley. You shot him in the artery!” A’Mere screamed at the deputy when they closed in with their weapons still in their hands.

“What the fuck is wrong with you people!” Carter placed both of his hands on the wound as the world started to get hazy and loopy.

“What?” Carter spoke when darkness slowly climbed up the ladder in his mind before the plunge happened.

“Get that fixed before he bleeds out, Geena!” A’Mere voice became distorted when Carter heard of this. It is not the voice of human at all.

“Who are you people?” He spoke in slow slurs when he drifted into the darkness.

He woke up later in a hospital room with the monitor beeping next to him. The room, he has never seen before when he noticed that there are tubes going down his throat. He tried to cough but couldn’t when the clock in the room didn’t move with the second hand stopped. Is he in the hospital, he didn’t know when Geena came into the room with her movements being irritated.

“You saw too much Carter!” Geena came forward with something going on in her face, something moving through her cheek bones like slithering snakes under her skin when she opened her left hand to reveal a metal that is mended into her middle finger.

It clicked on when a red dot lingered into his eye as Carter started to drool before he started to seize. What is happening to me? He thought of this before his mind seized.

“Nurse, get in here!” Geena commanded when a nurse with discolored appearing came in with a needle that is capped in her hand.

“Give it to him.” Geena told the nurse with her voice in meddlesome and inhuman tones.

“The third time will make him a vegetable.”

“Do it!” Geena pulled out her service piece and pointed the barrel to the temple of the nurse’s head.

The nurse shook her head before she does it.

“They are the cursed. They had their time of trials and they failed. They were meant to be controlled.” Geena placed the revolver back into her holster when Carter knew of so little from here on out as his brain slowly died in his head.

Geena left the room and closed the door behind her with A’Mere standing there with his arms crossed.

“What is the judgment on the human?” A’Mere spoke in his human voice.

“Gone to sleep for good; we can’t use him for observation anymore.”

A’Mere shook his head.

“They are such detestable creatures.”

“Yeah, we gave them the tools and we went to sleep in the Earth for fifteen thousand years, only to learn anger, bloodlust, and killing their own kind for gain. They have to be controlled. That RV fiasco will not be overlooked. We have to put a pin on it and weight it out to a human that deserves to be behind bars.” Geena morphed the metal device back into her hand when A’Mere looked down the hallway that serves their ancient proceedings.

“What about the Others. Were they not overlooked?” A’Mere looked at her in the eyes when Geena nodded her head with no scanning to the hive that lives in the center of the earth. The World Governments knows of their existence but that is only guaranteed in the little section that is housed in Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico. The files are all there and only a handful of humans know of the existence of the ancients.

“I know. I can read their minds from the others on the network.”

“Good.” A’Mere nodded when he took the phone from his pocket.

“You can speak with your mind, you know.” Geena looked at the phone in his hand.

“I know but I need to speak to someone in Virginia about the murder of the two outsiders. We will place the three second-born on trial for their stupidity. This will not be overlooked when other outsiders are going to ask questions about this.”

“Agreed,” Geena closed her eyes and rubbed her eyes.

“We sleep less than the humans as well. That serves as an advantage.”

“Of course; we control the all of their governments with the seekers keeping watch.” A’Mere dialed the disclosed number and placed it to his ear when the conversations went on around the hospital. This is a hospital that cannot be found on the internet, satellite, or any human network that is stationed in the World Wide Web. It is secret where some of the ancients and most of the second born are at. They knew of the disaster that they could face when humans will think that they might be nuking large cities to kill the ancients and second born off that gave the humans the technology to begin with.

It was only a matter of time before they piece the puzzle together again. The ancients and the second born are waiting for that to never happen. They hope upon the hive for their order to never be revealed to any human that will escape in their grasp. Geena looked at A’Mere that is busy making the call when she turned and continued to walk down the corridor, heading towards the elevator when she used biometrics to operate the elevator with her eye being scanned. When the scan happened is when her human eyes became discolored, showing her true eye underneath the second eyes that limbers in human grace. Her eyes are the colors of purple before the green showed again; going into the elevator that leads to a long shaft of six hundred feet that leads to level ground of where this disclosed facility is at. By the time that door opened is when she had enough time to fix her hair, her badge, and her utility belt when she came out of the elevator.

Hanna, who is the receptionist at the desk, is reading the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft when she looked up from the elevator in a small reception office with no windows peering to the outside world. This is a disclosed place after all.

“Are you reading the first that found our race after so long, keeping secret before we had to kill him?” Geena admired Hanna who is sitting at the desk with her Visual Core Monitor in front of her.

“Yeah; Lovecraft was an odd sort indeed.” Hanna roved a finger around the locks of her red hair. The Ancients only eat one time a year as well when Geena combed over the reception that is cluttered.

“Can you clean this place before you go to sleep, Hanna?”

“Sure thing,” Hanna replied, not looking at her with her eyes still in the big book.

“You’re a second born and I don’t want you to get hurt.” Geena told her when Hanna nodded.

“Okay.” Hanna looked at her when Geena nodded before going to the exit with biometrics stationed there when she used it, leaving the facility with three armed human guards stationed on the fence with their orders being the tip of the iceberg. They carried M16 Carbines with berets on the tops of their heads.

They looked at her with questioning wonder, thinking of who can she be and what they are doing in that facility when she got into her cruiser and drove towards the gate where they are waiting for her validation card. She forked it over, not saying anymore – upon strict orders when the gate rattled open and her police cruiser drove over the cement and tract that serves the gate. She drove down the gravel road in silence.

The guards are not supposed to ask questions or there ass will get chewed out when they await to be relieved with no ranks on their uniforms. They are ordered to wear black fatigues with no conversation between the guards. The only thing that keeps them there is the pay. They are getting paid really well for just guard duty. That is something for them not to worry about.

© Copyright 2020 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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