everday, same day

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how do we expect other people to accept us if we cant even do that for ourselves?

Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018



Everyday, same day

Happiness. When do we most feel happy? Society is taught that feeling happy is when you are accepted by other people. Fitting in, makes you happy because you feel a sense of relief and acceptance. But true happiness is found within accepting yourself, your flaws, your emotions. When you accept yourself, you start to feel happy, and a sense of safety without relying on others.

She woke up everyday. Scroll through her phone, pray she would receive at least one notification. That one notification made her feel special. That was her happiness.

“Bye mom.” she would say every morning, not even looking at her mom before leaving the house. She would stroll down the street, her headphones plugged in. She got on the bus and went to the very back. No one could see her, because if anyone saw her taking the bus, that would just be embarrassing. Her family wasn’t very wealthy, and they couldn’t afford a car.

Arriving at school. She would tell the bus driver to drop her off a few blocks away and she would walk from there. Everday she was late to class, and her excuse was that her moms car coudnt start. Her friends were the snobby type. Their problems, were popularity, and if a by liked them or not. In a way they were toxic for her, because she felt the need to be like them. If she was like them she would be accepted and that brought her happiness.

Why did she feel the need to be like everyone else? The urge to copy someone else and not be her true self. When she didn’t meet someone else is expectations it brought her sadness. The fact that our societys idea of happiness is not being themselves is why happiness is so rare lately.  We need to learn to be happy with accepting ourselves before wanting other people to accept us. How can we accept other people to accept and praise us if we don’t even do it for ourselves?

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