Traveling to Past

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Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018



As I said in my previous article that traveling to past is impossible. Well it’s not impossible but currently the obstacles that we are facing and are required to bypass are beyond human capabilities to do so. Like time traveling to past can be done by worm-holes but scientists are facing different problems like casual loop paradox, rapid radiation feedback and many more.

This type of time traveling requires a lot of machines that can stabilize the worm-hole enough so that information can pass through the hole to past. (I will discuss this worm-hole phenomena later in detail).

Another type of time traveling is based on the Einstein theory of E=mc2 and DE Broglie theory of duality of light.

Einstein presented an Equation saying that mass and energy are the same and they are interconvertible. (That is mass is a form of rest energy).

De Broglie said that light has dual property that is, it is form of electromagnetic radiation but also in the meantime it acts as a particle (Photon) moving with a high speed. It can be said in simple form that light is something that can co-exist in two forms, as mass (Particle) and as well as energy (Wave).

Now you must be wondering how these are related to Time traveling? Well this example will make it crystal clear.

Suppose we take a stone and throw it towards the wall and it reaches there at, let’s say, 5 seconds. Now if we throw it a bit faster, that is increasing its speed, it will reach there in 3 seconds. Now again if we throw it faster than before it will reach there in 0.5 seconds.

Now if you carefully observer as we are increasing the speed, the duration of time is reducing or in other words time is passing slowly for the stone to get there and its getting slower and slower as the speed increases.

 Now if we throw a stone faster than before it would reach the wall at zero second.This time the stone was moving so fast that Time was literally stopped while stone was moving and reached the wall. Finally if we throw a stone fast enough that it reaches there in -1 second then you will see that stone has traveled so fast that it went back in time 1 second before even the stone started to move. (Negative here means traveling to past due to high speed). In other words we can say that stone traveled so fast that it bent the time and space, and passed right through its barrier.


It clearly shows that Time traveling to past is only possible if we achieve a right amount of speed. In order to go to past we need to achieve a speed beyond the speed of light  (because if speed of light was to be achieved for traveling to past, then light would have gone to past every now and then but since light doesn’t go to past or future means we need greater speed).

Now here lies the problem. First even the speed of light is unachievable so going at greater speed is out of question. Speed of light is unachievable because in order to accelerate a body to speed of light an infinite amount of energy is required (Which currently is not possible because human hasn’t been successful in finding a unlimited source of energy that can be harnessed).

Second is, even if we are able to achieve the speed of light we will still won’t be able to go further beyond because according to Einstein theory when a body achieves speed of light, its velocity doesn’t increases further but in turn its momentum increases. Momentum is proportional to mass of the body. Means any further energy applied to increase the velocity will in turn become the mass and will increase the momentum. (It’s like of a boiling water, no matter how much you increase the heat energy water’s temperature won’t exceed its boiling point but in turn excess heat energy will be used to convert the liquid form of water into its gaseous form i.e steam) So in other words we simply cannot go beyond speed of light means no traveling to Past.

Third limitation is that let’s suppose even if we achieve a speed beyond the speed of light, we will disintegrate. This is because according to De Broglie theory light co-exist as particle and wave. We currently are existing as particle, after achieving the speed of light we will co-exist in particle and wave form (dual form) but after attaining a speed beyond the speed of light we will cease to exist in particle form but instead we will disintegrate into a complete wave form. Thus we might be able to reach Past but not alive, not even in the physical form.

This concludes that the Time traveling to past is currently impossible for human being but with the modern research and with discovery of new formula’s if we somehow figure to overcome these obstacles we will be able to go to past (Hypothetically).

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