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Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018



Look into my beautiful marble eyes,
They shimmer and shine brilliantly,
And don't forget my porcelain skin:
Fragile and painted to perfection.

But I'm no ordinary doll,
I'm not just limited edition,
I'm truly one of a kind
Because I was once a person.

Years ago I was a human being in his late teens,
I wasn't normal by any means, but nonetheless human,
But one day I became very sick,
I had been sick before then, but this sickness was unique.

My first symptoms were lack of appetite,
Severe dehydration, and severe headaches.
Then the later symptoms were slow heart rate,
Stiff joints, and paralysis.

Doctors from all around couldn't cure me,
They gave me every drug they could, 
But I was a lost cause.

After we had all given up the more bizarre symptoms began.

My skin began to harden, 
If you were too harsh it would crack, yet I didn't bleed,
Soon my eyes began to harden as well,
And my hair had become so unhealthy it felt synthetic.

My family was mortified with my medical phenomenon
That they kept me hidden from the world,
Watching me transform day by day into an otherworldly doll,
And when my heart finally stopped 
They secretly donated my body to a far away toy store.

I had been sitting in the back of that store for so long,
No one wanted a strange, life-sized porcelain doll,
But then you of all children picked me out and brought me home with you,
I can't thank you enough.

© Copyright 2018 Joey Poltergeist. All rights reserved.

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