Maggot Farm Boulevard, Grimstone Low

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set in a fictional village, in yorkshire's don valley

Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018






Maggot Farm Boulevard…… Grimstone Low


Vermin look for mousetraps

To fling themsens upon

Cockroaches flee in unison

Their meagre pickings gone

A cat, with a tail is lucky

A dog without mange is rare 

The stench of decay ever present

It hangs in your clothes and your hair

You can’t get away

So just go with the flow

In Maggot Farm Boulevard

Grimstone Low 


Neanderthal inhabitants

The land that time forgot

Lovable rogues, a tart with a heart

A landscape on the blot

Innocent… as the day is long

Guilt… with the setting sun

Beneath a rusty lamppost

The dirty deal is done

Scumbags meet


In Maggot Farm Boulevard

Grimstone Low


Inadequate social housing

Dilapidated slum

Not fit for human inhabitants

Palaces for scum

A mattress in the ginnel

A sofa in the street

Dog crap on the pavement

Mind where you put your feet

It’s the place where

You don’t wanna go

It’s Maggot Farm Boulevard

Grimstone Low


Where neighbours watch each other’s backs

And give an alibi

They’ll pick you up, when you fall down

And mind you when you’re high

They’ll warn you of the tallyman

And hide you from the cops

Snide goods are sold to order

From tiny pop up shops

Plant a seed

And watch it grow

In Maggot Farm Boulevard

Grimstone Low


© Copyright 2018 K J Walker. All rights reserved.

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