Ripples in the Wind

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Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



Ripples in the wind

The Bayou sounds call my name

Big yellow door solid and steady

Hello home

Lemonade tart tongue

Lucky crickets chirp like firecrackers

Tall grass dances along

My bare feet dipped delicate in cold mud

My dress stained from the day

The long porch lined with hundred oak wood

The solid pine stairs sturdy, old and good

The bullfrogs croak a somber tune, they rumble and they boast

My great grandmother's old rocking chair creaks and whispers to me "come close"

The smell of pond water and fresh willow spurs

The cries of a new litter of kittens as the mother cat purrs

The night owl hoots to make his presence known

As the lonely male coyote lets out a desperate moan

My family was here once, I feel them in the wind

I see their faces in the grass, I see where they have been

I smell the fresh blood of babies born from the past

I hear their shrieks, I hear their cries

I see mothers loving tender eyes

I taste the sweet lips of lovers first embrace

I feel the soft knit cloth of brides wedding lace

I see the heavy longing in the old widowers brows

I see the green fields full of cattle cows

I hear the squeals of piglet babes fresh and newly born

I feel the loss of forced embrace the clothing ripped and torn

I smell the smoke and melted flesh from burning at the stakes

I hear the screams and feel their fear, a thing you cannot fake

I hear the cracks of leather whips and see the scarlet red

I hear the hushed whispers of lovers black and white secretly lain in bed

I hear the shouts of marriage quarrels, violent, cruel and loud

I feel the satisfaction of little boys who make their father proud

I taste the sweet rose pedals of grandmother's perfume

I hear parents voices echo softly from the other room

I see my older brother's fingers callused, pale and worn

I see the family table set for a feast glistening and adorned

My family has been here before I can feel them in my bones

I hear them in the subtle way the willow tree shifts and groans

I see the future in the sky and their past within this ground

I hear my ancestors whispering to me asking to be found

Most are blind to the signs, most completely numb

But I feel the joys and pain of those before and those soon to come

I can feel you, yes you

Everyone near and far

I can see and feel and taste your skin wherever you all are

Time melts and blends into one endless day

All the stories of the past and future saved and on display

I think I've been here sometime before, I'm hearing what they've said

I'm seeing things already passed, I'm feeling souls of dead

This place is magic there is no question to me

Once you feel it like I did there's no way to un-see

Just know and sense within your blood and bones

Find that feeling deep within and then you'll know you're home.

© Copyright 2019 Hailey Livingston. All rights reserved.

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