Living for the sake of others

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Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



there are tortured souls

those who feel lonely

those who have an unrivaled beauty that most cannot percieve

There are those who suffer the most in silence

Those who are good but have no one


I want to save them

I want to see them smile

Those truly hidden gems

so unique in style.




As i look into her eyes and see her heart

her lonely sad and scarred soul

Her face depicts the genuine emotions art

I see a princess and others a troll


It may be selfish

But i will try my best

to make her feel

like she is seen


She may not realize

that she's what's real

that she's pristine.


Cause all that matters to me

Is the beauty of ones heart


For that, i will burn, i will get scorched

I will freeze, i will be frostbitten

I will let my blood spill, by whip or by sword.

If that's what it takes to protect and support the life of little beauty that is left in this world.

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