Real Life Vs Book Life

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When the one chosen is against the one competing for the same position.

Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



Episode 1:

Two shortlisted candidates are waiting in the boardroom for their joint interview to begin shortly. After a while, the interview starts;

Candidate #1; He is to be selected.

Q: Please tell us the name of the British passenger liner that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. The famous film director James Cameron also made a movie in 1997 based on the plot of that ill-fated voyage?

A: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ????
Interviewer: You have a nice 'tie' worn around your 'neck'.

A: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ????
Interviewer: Now if you add 'tay' between 'tie' and 'neck', by pronouncing 'neck' so it sounds like 'nik'.

A: After a long pause and with a burst of excitement, 'Tie.., Tay.., Nik'

Interviewer: That's it!

Now the candidate #2 with a preordained fate matching the above answer

Q: Name all the people who died in that tragic accident, their full names, travel ID numbers and marital status, their addresses and telephone numbers, complete names of the survivors, their addresses and telephone numbers, names of their spouses, well first or middle name is fine and any other information which you believe would help us evaluate your credentials.

Episode 2:

“Will you marry me? I can do anything for you, anything. You know I am not well-off like my friend David who is so damned filthy rich but I love you from the core of my heart. I can do anything for you sweetheart, anything.”

“You can do anything for me?”

“Yes! anything.”

“Please give me the mobile number of David.”

Episode 3:

“Sure, I will donate one house when I’ll have two houses. I will donate one vehicle when I’ll have two vehicles. I will donate one million dollars when I’ll have two million dollars.”

“That’s very generous of you! Will you donate one apple if you have two apples?”

“Oh, I can’t, sorry.”


“I have two apples.”

Episode 4:

“Oh, my daughter in-law didn’t turn out to be the person I thought she was. I was so wrong.”

“And how about your daughter, is she happy after marrying Fred?”

“Oh no, you know her in-laws are not what I thought they were. I was so wrong.”

Episode 5:

“A crime is a crime no matter how petty it is, you know. If he did it, so he has to face the consequences. I mean that’s fair.”

“Yes.” Nodding, “What about Luke, his case of breach of rules and misconduct is pending for decision, has the Council shown any signs of leniency?”

“They should. I am not saying it because Luke is my son, but for God sake, I mean he is not a criminal. A minor act of negligence should and needs to be condoned.”

Episode 6:

“I helped you when you were in need. I need your help now to get out of this mess. I must repay two hundred and eighty thousand dollars to lenders within three days else they’ll confiscate and sell my property. ”

“I would certainly help you pal but you know I am in the business of buying distressed properties and there is one which I am most likely to buy within a few days. Sorry man but I must get that property, its one hell of a lucrative deal.”

Episode 7:

“I spared your life when I was hungry now you must get me out of this net.” The lion says to the mouse.

“Oh king; I just had both of my wisdom teeth extracted. I am so sorry.” The mouse replies.

Episode 8:

“Who will you save, your mother-in-law or your wife if they are before a hungry lion, mind it you can only save one of them?”

“Of course I’ll save the lion.”


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