Thank You For Your Service

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

An idea put to me by my good friend Jason Millar, we thought we’d tackle the tragedy of homelessness among soldiers – something we’re both disgusted by. Here is my take on the ‘theme’, if you will,
and I would highly endorse also reading his.

This poem was written deliberately with bitterness and irony. For people who enjoy poetry, this shouldn't be offensive or aggravating in any way as I would hope you understand it - especially those
familiar with Wilfred Owen's 'Dulce Et Decorum Est', but to make it clear - my bitterness is not directed at the soldier, but at us, the people who do nothing for him (or her). I shouldn't need to
say this, but there are a lot of people that enjoy being offended for a living these days, and apparently, banning everything is the way forward.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



We sent him away to war. To die.

And that, he very much did. But not at the hands of the foe.

No. At our hands.

Not in the lands of the foe.

No. In our lands.

On our streets.


He died not with glory.

Not a hero.

But with agony and anguish.

A mere apparition to us.

Something that doesn’t exist.


He fought valiantly to protect our homes.

And now he doesn’t have one. He gave that up, too.

His comrades soon forgot him, their brother in arms.

And now, in nobody’s arms, he has to carry himself.


The slabs of the streets are cold.

Like the slab of the morgue.

The darkness, though, is very much the same.

And this solder…he no longer fears it.


Trained to survive anything in the lands of the foe,

He managed that.

He couldn’t survive the homeland, though.

Little did he expect his greatest battle,

To be in his own country.


How can it be that a country repays a hero in this way?

A hero which would have died in protection of it,

Now dies because in his hour of need,

The country won’t protect him.


Fighting a losing battle with an apathetic state and an ignorant people,

A fight in which he is consumed by regret, hunger and despair.

A fight, that is not a fight at all. But a murder.

A fight, for a hero, for whom the home front has become his frontline.


From a people who are ignorant,

From a state that doesn’t care,

And from a few awakened, and broken hearts…


Dear soldier,

Thank you for your service.

© Copyright 2020 Ephemeralityy. All rights reserved.

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