99 Problems

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Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



Nowadays people cry and complain

Always worried about the little things


When have we stopped to smell the roses?

Or maybe even look up at the sky?

Never have the time to say hello but goodbye


Mom and Dad calling from home to make sure you're alright

But have you ever tried calling to say I love you or goodnight?


Nowadays everyone is looking for a way out

When times get tough all they do is walk out


When have we ever gave our friend a hug?

Or maybe tell our worst enemy they're loved?

Never giving a thought about the things they've been through

You get so mad you blurt out I hate you


Nowadays people are always on the go

Never taking it easy or slow


When have we ever said thank you?

Or maybe even please?

But quick to say I want or need


Nowadays people are entitled to what they deserve

But that shit shit changes when life throws us a curve


When have we listened to what needed to be said?

So god damn foolish you'd rather stay inside your head


So what if you didn't get an A

Or get those new shoes

Shut the fuck up and listen to the news


People are dying

Bloodshed all throughout the streets

And your crying because you don't know what to eat?

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