Wisdom Under the Windowsill

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A poem about free will versus God's will. Written on no sleep, and mostly for fun. Excerpt:

'It was the joke of a pale bloke wearing a rundown cloak.'

Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



Wisdom Under the Windowsill

It was the joke of a pale bloke

 wearing a run-down cloak.

He sat still beneath a windowsill

and made his first joke about free will.

“Can it exist,” he said, “when our Lord has power

we’re unable to resist?”


sure!” exclaimed another.

“Autonomy is not like botany or anatomy—not necessarily.

 It is within our minds, whether we have ,

and so we can decide

 if we want to rid ourselves of those stifling confines.

God, too, is within our minds,

so we then can decide about His confines,

and whether they are too refined

 to waste benign time

miming those many laws and rules, supine.

 Or if, rather, we the scourge of mankind

 and ignore such signs

 as Hell or Heaven

 and be sublime in our misdeed

and enjoy autonomy

with no guilt wrought from disbelief.”


The bloke with the cloak then did croak,

 “But what if I do indeed believe the Lord Almighty,

but yet yearn for a breath, a murmur, a single whisper

of autonomy yet unknown to my anatomy?”


The other blinked before he bore, his voice a rising uproar,

 “Then yearn you shall,

and yearn you will

 for all your days

 while this discord plagues.

 You shall not be spared

 if you keep barred

 this horde of gleeful freedom!

 This sudden ascendance of divine independence!”


The bloke with the cloak

then looked at the other,

and said he, rather carefully,

“Is that not then autonomy

 by choosing to follow divinity?”


The other stopped, stalled

 by what the cloaked bloke called,

 and said, “I cannot be appalled

 by such words from you,

 though you are enthralled

 in the Lord’s power,

 thus unequaled. Yet I remain

 woeful and wrathful to your claim,

as I cannot understand.

Did you not argue against such thoughts not a moment ago?

Did you not take a different stand?”


“Indeed, I did,

 for I did not understand the true meaning of autonomy.

 Bountiful banter brought forth the realization

 that this here is a choice,

and though I still have not stepped out of the Lord’s confines,

 the option is most certainly mine.

 I now choose to stay,

so I can argue,

as I sit still beneath a windowsill,

the stretches of free will.”


And thus, the cloaked bloke made his joke

 sitting still beneath his windowsill

 after arguing the confines of free will;

and next to him, the other,

the opposer,

who stood up in deceitful disbelief.

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