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Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018




By: Kendyl Lant



Anger and loneliness consumes my veins.

How could my so called best friend leave me?

Maybe he wasn’t a friend to begin with.

Our friendship was like a piece of paper,

once it crumbled it couldn’t be fixed.



Holding on was like gripping a fizzing bath bomb,

a beautiful object that slowly disintegrates and all is lost.

I gave you my soul and you let me drown.

All that was left was bubbling ash.

Slowly breaking within your clutch.


You used to cradle my heart in your hands,

holding my sanity above the water.

Throwing it around was a sick game.

Surely, my mosaic beauty slipped through

the cracks of the palms of your hands, right

between your fingers.


This beautiful bond was held by tragedy.

Kindness was never part of the deal.

The contract was sealed on us both being cruel.

Kindness returned into my mind, and you couldn’t handle it.

A man like you cannot comprehend such divine nature.

Instead of being a man you were nothing but a coward.


Go ahead and listen to your sick, twisted companions.

Claiming me to be stupid was foolish.

Maybe you’re the one who is lacking in the

Intelligence department.

A fractured group won’t make your problems disappear.

Helping those who didn’t ask for it will only ruin you.

Good luck with finding a friend like me, wait you won’t.

As you said no one possess my caring outlook on life.


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