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Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



Maybe its the creepy way my lips curl upward when I smile that makes me unlovable.

He doesn't laugh at my jokes 

he never cracks any whits 

we dont watch the same comedies 

and we dont make silly faces 

Or maybe its the pitch of my voice when it bounces off the walls 

He doesn't share the same friends 

he never rings my phone 

we don't engage in conversation 

and we dont wave hello 

Maybe its the colors on my clothing that makes me unlovable

He never compliments my hair 

he doesn't fold the laundry 

we don't go out in public

and we don't shop in the same stores 

Or maybe its the insufferable hands on the clock that stands still when i am around 

he doesn't take me out on dates 

he works countless hours away from home.

we dont see each other in the morning 

and we don't wait for each other each night 

what ever the case, I know I'm unlovable 

its clear as day 

For once somone loved me 

Then slowly they took it away.

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