Beyond the Bean

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The impact of a very popular TV Show on the life of a girl.

Beyond the Bean

“So you are in love with him?”

“Yes, and..and I’m gonna marry him.”

“Now now, don’t be silly, Julia. You don’t want to marry a sadistic idiot, do you?”

“I’m gonna marry him, because..because he makes me laugh and because he is silly.”

“He can make you cry too..”

While she retorted just to tease her 6 year old daughter, hardly did Annie realize that a tantrum was on the way. Too late to handle now though; the teddy went flying across the room supported by a background banshee shriek wherein somewhere the words ‘wanna’ and ‘marry’ were audible.  

Annie merely sniggered. The neighbours weren’t home and they had their windows closed. No worries indeed. She looked at the small screen of the video-cam she was holding in her hand just to ensure whether it was still recording. This would be a good entry for AFV.

“Okay okay okay, now. Sshhh, quiet down, honey, or do you want me to call the Mrs. Wicket to get you to calm down?”

The threat had Julia silenced. But within her heart, was the young, innocent love for that ‘silly man who made her laugh’.


Ten years had passed since the formidable incident of the teddy. Julia was waiting at the table outside Café L’amor watching the Black-and-White Mime Man entertaining the crowd around him.

“Hey Babe.”

She still wasn’t used to Tommy calling her ‘babe’ but reacted with a smile and leaned forward to give him a peck on his cheek.

“What can I get you guys?”

“A diet coke for me”, said the male voice “and babe – babe what will you have?”

“I’ll just have some fries, thank you”

The waitress turned and so did Julia’s head back to the Mime Man. He was indeed brilliant at his work and by now his act was being enjoyed by quite a big crowd.

Tommy noticed this. He had to; he was there to make an impression and poor Tommy had no topic to converse about. So he went with the rhetoric.

“You enjoy mime acts then, do you?”

“They have always intrigued me, you know. When I was a kid, I never realized how hard it actually is to give people a reason to smile without saying a word.”

“Well –“, Tommy took out a rose from his pocket and presented it to Julia. Julia smiled; Tommy had made an impression.


“Take a pen, write it down. Shouting won’t work.”

A decade more and fate had worked her magic. Tommy almost punctured his larynx to make his displeasure heard but in vain. Julia’s reply only made him more agitated and he left the room, banging the door behind him, alas, even the bang didn’t reach Julia’s ears.

She dropped on the bed, silent tears rolling down her cheeks; silent to her, but not to a mother. Annie walked in and hugged her daughter. Oh, how she missed her banshee! The warm hug went on for a few minutes. At last, Annie stood up, went to the table and scribbled something on the paper.

“Someone is here to see you. He’ll make you smile.”

Julia looked puzzled as she read this and saw her mother switch on the television. It had now become a reflex as Julia shifted to make space for her mother on the bed. Annie skipped a few channels and finally came to a stop.

A beam of light falls on a bricked floor. A man drops flat on it. A choir plays the very familiar tune which ringed in Julia’s ears. Brown jacket and trousers, white shirt and a red tie; Mr. Bean stood up, dusted his trousers went to his left and came back with a walk of a silly man and went on to the right.

Julia smiled.

Submitted: July 16, 2018

© Copyright 2021 milano14. All rights reserved.

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