My Ordinary Life

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A short writing from my own experience to inspire and help others to get back up from whatever that is pulling them down. If it´s your normal day or maybe writer's block. To try to find the spark
life can give! :D

Thank you so much for reading! Hoped that I could offer some kind of wise words to people!

Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



My Ordinary Life

Every day is the same. My routines are the same. I am the same. Everything looks the same. This is how I have seen my life through my own eyes for years.

Already in kindergarten, I woke up, got help to get ready, walked to school holding hands with my dad, were behind the same fences, the same walls, got picked up and went home. Same story in school. I woke up, got ready, walked to school, were behind the same walls, went home. And this continued for years. Why did everything have to be so ordinary?

I woke up as usual. Got ready. Went to school, but his time it felt different. I felt a bit tense. A bit nervous. I went to school as usual but something was different. The path looked the same but it was much longer and much more different than before, and the walls, they were not the same. I finally went home. Three years I was behind those walls again. The same walls. It all quickly became so ordinary.

Hey! Good morning! They all said with a smile. I responded with a cheerful “good morning!”. Was it a good morning? Maybe. Maybe not. But what I did know was that it was all routine. Every day the same. Days became weeks and weeks became months. I soon realised that one year had already past. But one day was different. It was not like any other day. Not ordinary. It was a new feeling just like the one from before, but different. But not in a better way.

My ordinary life became grayer for each day. The days that I before always followed but didn’t mind was starting to bothering me. Once more I saw my life through my eyes in a different way. I wanted to change. I wasn´t satisfied with how the days looked like. But what am I a supposed to do? I asked myself. Change them to the way you want, I heard my own voice say. But what do I even want? I didn´t know. All I knew was that I wanted “change”.

The hardest part was that I didn´t know what I was looking for. I started to despise each day that I had to go through. But then it hit me...



You won´t meet the same people if you are open to getting to know those “unknown” persons. That person may become a close friend or whatever the world offers. Each day is never the same. Different things happen every day and some may be similar to the previous day but other than that, it´s never the same.


You´ll never know what´s going to happen when you wake up. Embrace the day and make it your day! Being open-minded means that it´s easier to see and embrace change and experiences!


Instead. Create your day! You are the writer of your own life and you can change it if you put in some effort! Humans have since back in time been afraid of the unknown and change. It´s easy to give in to our “safe” and comfortable life, but if you feel like you want “change”, you need to embrace the world and what it has to offer and create your own story! 

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