UnAnswered Prayers - Tormented

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Let The Countdown Begin

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



14 days from today and POOF
I'm gone, not to be heard of again.
Yup, I kept thinking about it.
I finally am doing it.

It'll be perminate
It's what people want to be happy
My facebook account will be perminately deleted
Only have a few ways of getting in touch with me

Not like it matters, my phone will be dead
I won't hear from anyone
My email will get a digital tumbleweed
Nothing new coming in

So that's what people want me to do is to exit from them
To walk away, never to be heard from again
Guess I've always been on this planet to make people happy
Or try to, starting to think why I was bullied

Had to make them feel superior so it made them happy
Clearly that's what I was on this planet for
Clearly that's why I am on this planet
I would say it's possible to stop

It is, but I doubt it will be
Nobody will care
I've always been an after htought in so many people's minds
It's not like it matters

My life won't change much
Still sitting around the house not doing much
More time to concentrate on my writing
More time to concentrate on other hobbies

Time will tell what other hobbies I attempt to get into
Can't wait to see what my mind comes up with
So as you wish, You no longer have to hear from me
I shall vanish from your life

I would say if you want to talk you know how to reach me
But I know I won't hear from you

The clock is ticking


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