“Little Black Boy”

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Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



“Little Black Boy”


They said little black boy you will be nothing,

I smiled and told them I been blessed by God’s grace so I already amount to something.


I’m more than the black skin that I’m in,

I’m the vision you wake up to, the dreams you can’t sleep through and the nightmares you don’t dare to pray through.


I’m the little black boy that will make a difference in the world, not because of the color of my skin; but because of the power in my soul from within.


Little black boy is what they call me, I laughed again and said words can be a curse or they can be your best friends.

It’s not only in the ones who speak them but the ears and the minds who believe them.


Little black boy is not about race or color,

Little black boy is about a boy who knew words had power so he spoke them.

I AM that little black boy.


© Copyright 2019 author tyrell morris. All rights reserved.

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