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I always had that feeling that some sort of transformation could be made from the physical human body to some other motion.

Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



It was nearing midnight when I settled down for some kip. I had been working hard all day, and I really needed to have some rest. The sky was blue with not a cloud to be seen. It was spotted with stars. I watched the beautiful scenery for a few minutes, then I drifted into that mysterious world. ''Come with me,'' I heard a woman's voice speaking, ''I'll lead you to the entrance.''
There was a long sort of tunnel, and a blazing light at the end. We were heading for the light. It seemed like ages before we came close to it. Then suddenly, we were there. I felt a strange tingling sensation as we were fully within the light. My body felt as if it was burning up. It was a very strange feeling. My physical body seems to have immediately disappeared. I wasn't seeing like I normally used to do. Yet I was aware of all that was taking place. The feeling of hunger had left me, and many other things which the body was accustomed to, just wasn't there any more. Yet I was aware of all that was taking place. Within the light, I saw light, all forms of it. The energy was there for me to take on any form. It was agreat challenge. I was light, and to try to explain this was rather difficult.
Moving at tremendous speed was another thing. Here in a second and gone the next. I changed myself back to the human form, and visited my friend Arnold. He was in his flat watching football. We always talked about the cosmos and its workings. He knew nthing about me changing to light and back. I rang his door-bell, he came, saw me, and let me in. ''Just watching this world cup match,'' he told me. ''Want a beer?''
''Can't!. Have no longing for it.'' I told him.
''So what have you been doing?'' He asked.
''It has happened!'' I told him. ''Changing from material form to light, and back again.!''
''You're joking! You mean you can actually do it?''
''Yes, that's what I'm telling you. I don't need the things that human need. There's no longing for them.'' I said.
''You know,'' he said, ''that's amazing because we were always talking how it would feel to experience such a thing.''
''Electromagnetic waves are responsible for me being able to change form. There's some radiation, but it won't harm any one. In fact, the light that is in me comes from another source far greater than the sun.''
''Amazing! Really and truly amazing! Let me see it then. Come on, change yurself, and let me pass out.''
''Okay, here goes!'' I said to him. He was staanding there and waiting.
''How long is it going to take?'' He asked.
''Haven't you seen anything?'' I asked. ''I've done it.''
''Are you joking? I haven't seen anything happen.''
I said, ''Your eyes can't comprehend the speed. You see me in the same place, but I have already changed to light and back.''

The End.

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