Rivaled Thoughts

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Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



Do people really care if they never show it,

she doesn't need he if he's not heroic, 

I think he's, done being stoic but why be in the same boat if she never rows it.


Is he, too caught up in waiting on an act,

He creates the flash, camera, actions but she doesn't react,

filling up his hopes with dreams and just wants her on his back because they've made a pact.


He locks his, stress in a box knowing the key is missing,

It's somewhere drowned in his thoughts so he keeps on fishing.

People have tugged on his lead but she's been his biggest catch,

already weighted up his prizes but her value none could match.


Knee deep in sorrow to big to swallow.

Tunnel vision mottos are too hard to follow.

He can be dense so there's no way he's hollow.


All it takes is that guided pin for his calm to burst,

senses restored but who have he harmed the worst.

Actions double-edged, but he knows his karma shouldn't hurt,

still, his stress goes the latitude, therefore, she's not worth the dirt,

That shifts, whenever I step. You might be the wife-i love until we disconnect.


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