The Books of Tavari

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The World of Fantasy

A woman was crossing the street in hope to find shelter from the pouring rain. It was late at night, and the wind was blowing cold air and rain. As she made her way over the crossroad, she hugged
her coat, trying the protect her dress from the harsh weather. While standing under a narrow roof waiting for the rain to stop, she heard a noise. The sound appeared weak because of the rain
hitting the roof. She decided to follow the noise. As she turned left at the end of the road, she saw a dark alley. She could now identify what the sound came from. She quickly ran further into the
darkness where she found something extraordinary.

Have you ever "experienced" a dream in reality? "The book of Tavari" is a fantasy inspired story about two girls discovering a new world, much different but very much alike from ours. But the
difference is, they discovered it in a dream. It all began in a small forest. This story will take you on a journey throughout magical landscapes. Let's begin.

Table of Contents

Introduction Chapter

Submitted: July 16, 2018

A letter from Miriam? What does it mean? One of the protagonists in the story! Welcome!
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Chapter one - The Beginning of The Twin Books

Submitted: July 16, 2018

In the first chapter, we are meeting the protagonists of the story, Miriam, and Sandra. The ones who discover another universe, other life forms, and new friendship.
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Chapter two - Sally's Story

Submitted: July 18, 2018

After Miriam's and Sandra's recent visit to the bookstore, Sally suddenly disappeared. Before we continue. Let's take a look at this chapter.

In this chapter "Sally's Story" we will get an insight of an event that happened in her life. And is she coming back is the question?
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