The Books of Tavari

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In the first chapter, we are meeting the protagonists of the story, Miriam, and Sandra. The ones who discover another universe, other life forms, and new friendship.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter one - The Beginning of The Twin Books

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



Chapter one  – The beginning of the Twin Books (Miriam)

  Where am I? I looked around. It was nighttime. Tall trees surrounded me, giving me a lonely feeling but also a feeling of a motherly embrace. I looked up. The moon shined brightly in the night sky, casting shadows around me. The forest embraced the light and created a beautiful scene for the trees to dance on. Whispers, deep within the forest came together in a soothing song. What a wonderful performance. But suddenly, the act was interrupted by a sound. The sound of footsteps. They moved rapidly. 

“Who's there?”. There was no answer. The footsteps grew louder, and I could hear deep breathing. I should hide. 

 I hid behind a tree and squatted down. I peeked out from behind it and saw two people running my way. They both wore long dresses that were decorated with silver and gold braids that blinded me when hit by the moonlight. Even so, as they got closer, I could see the fear in their eyes. Are they being chased?

  I lowered my head. I heard them run past me. I took a deep breath and peeked out once more from behind the tree. Nobody was chasing them. I stepped out and decided to follow them, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Get up right now!”

I was awake. I got a cold feeling running down the back of my spine. I quickly grabbed my notebook from under my pillow and started to fill the blank page. What was that dream all about? 

 I stared at the ceiling while reality hit me. I looked around the room. It looked like an old cabin where children would go camping. The dark wood made it look depressing, and the yellow light from the lamp didn't really help. And last week, the door got removed because of mould. It won’t be long before the room is torn down if they don’t fix it. And it won't be long before we die of sickness. But we're not complaining. We're in no position to do so. We are the blessed ones, as they always say. We were given a second chance. 

 I looked out the window. Outside, I could hear the sound of loud traffic and voices. Everything out there made me feel sick. Ironically, I was sick. I had a cold. This autumn came earlier than expected. The time of the year when days become shorter, nights become longer and the time when you need more layers before going outside. Getting up in the morning also became more of a challenge. 

 I knew that had to get ready, but as soon as I removed the blanket, a cold breeze made its way through one of the windows and hit my legs. I quickly grabbed the blanket and pulled it back over me. Five more minutes won´t hurt.

"Miriam, you better get down here right now or I'll leave without you!”

The recent months I've been feeling more lazy than usual and without sunlight to help me to wake up in the morning, made things more difficult. I also dreamed more frequently than usual. I don't remember them clearly, but lately, I've been dreaming about the same thing.

  I climbed out of bed and grabbed my coat and cap. As I headed towards the stairs, I tripped over something. It was Sandra's sketchbook. It got ripped?! Oh, she's going to kill me...It's better to tell her right away. 

"Miriam I'm leaving!"

"Hold on! I accidentally ripped your sketchbook between!"

"You what?!"

"Girl, I'm about to go crazy with you!"

"Love you too!"

 Our school wasn’t our favourite place. We did have friends like Alvin, Shirley and Daisy. We only stayed with them if we felt like we wanted to be social. We were usually by ourselves because people saw us as a bit odd. But our friends were nice to hang out with sometimes as well! Don’t get me wrong, Alvin is really friendly, but he only talks about his studies. Shirley is very loud, I would say. She's cheerful but gets easily annoyed at people, so we can´t really spend much time with her. As for, Daisy. She is kind. I guess that´s all. But a normal day in school would be me and Sandra sleeping behind our books, drawing, writing or chatting in class. We weren't really, what they would consider, "a good student". We had our minds filled with something else. 

  Behind the school a walk away we had our own secret base in a small forest. To get there you hade to find a hidden path deeper into the forest, and if you found it, it would lead you to a large branch. You had to climb the branch to the other side where a river would flow throughout the forest. Follow the river to the left until you find small stones. Cross the river where the stones were located and then walk a short way into the forest. You have found the place if you found a pond laying close to a large oak and a small hill. And now you're here. In the forest of dreams!

 This was the place where we went every day after school. To lay on the hill and look at the sky until the white fluffy clouds became white shining stars. Or to climb high up in the tree and watch the sunset. A lot of our free time was spent there. We didn´t have a name for our secret place. We just called it “the forest of dreams”. This was the best place in our lives. A place where anything felt possible. A place where dreams came true.

"Miriam, how did you succeed in ripping the notebook?", Sandra asked while laughing at me.

"Well, it's partly your fault for leaving it on the floor.", I answered.

" I forgot to put it back! You should still be very glad that I'm a chill person."

"Isn't it because you love me?"

"Hm...nah!", Sandra said with a grin on her face. 

week okay?"

"Yes, I know! I will say it. Let's just buy me a new sketchbook!"

Expressing feeling isn't the strongest features of hers. I can easily see and understand what she's thinking or feeling, but still. I also want to hear it back sometimes. 

When arriving at the bookstore we were at least there for three hours reading and forgot all about the sketchbook we were supposed to buy. Travelling through time and space is easy when opening the first page. Opening the first door. The entrance to a whole new world. The owner of the bookstore was a woman called Sally. She was very humble and kind. She always treated us nicely and smiled happily when we visited her bookstore.

"So how was your day at school?", Sally asked me.

"It was like any other day. We both are trying our best to keep up with all the homework’s but it´s hard", I answered with a smile. 

She smiled back at me and grabbed the book and started reading. Today it was about Christianity. While she was reading I looked at her and listened to all of the words she said. She looked happy while reading and her power to pull me in to listen to her was very strong. The only way for me to learn was by listening to her reading.

  Sally had been working at the local bookstore ever since we started going there. She says that she doesn't remember exactly how long she's been working there but I think she has read almost every book in the store. Sandra and I usually went there after school because she helped us to study. She was like our private teacher. But also, the mom we never had.

  When we finally went to pay for our books I saw two leather books lying on the desk. I asked Sally about them and they were brand new to the store. I had a hard time identifying if they were old or new. The leather on the notebook was shiny and the pages a lovely yellow toned colour which made them look very old. The pages were a bit ripped but only on the edges, and there were no lines inside to write on. I guessed that the design was supposed to look kind of old-fashioned. 

“These ones are expensive, right?”, Sandra asked. 

“Not at all! They are 50% off today!” Sally answered.

“Oh really? Then we’ll take both!”, Sandra said with a big smile on her face.

“Wait! Actually. I will give them to you for free, Sally said

“Are you sure? We have money to pay with”, I added.

“Yes. anything for you girls!”, she replied with her usual smile.
Sandra opened the door in front of me and as I turned around to thank Sally again she was gone. 


Chapter two - Sally's Story


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