Absence of Mind

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Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



I went to a bar tonight did a poem that I could’ve done better

flirted with a man who was kind of cute to live in his smile for moment

ordered a liquid marijuana, I was already high.

sipped the drink. sipped the drink, long and slow.

Stirred my last five dollars into a glass made soul

the seats next to me were empty, bar half full.

Everyone was with somebody.

I was alone.

The blind man across the bar even had company

he was wearing shades so I pretended he was watching me

pretended I stripped the three part wig from my scalp

letting my braids out

noticing the acrylic on my nails I popped them off

tore the clothes from my skin

watched myself bleed free

ripping my girdle to pieces

I breathe.

Unfastened my bra, then flung it in a perverts eyes

took my panties off too

he smiled and watched them slide

almost naked

plunged my face into the container of water

by the dishes

He watched my make-up run

as I climbed on top of the bar

the music played

I danced

I danced

spreading my wings

shaking the dust from its creases

the crowd is still

I danced

I danced

I was naked screaming “I am free”

I danced

I danced

until i noticed a glimpse in a blind man’s glasses

of a caramel woman wearing a heavy coat of make up

velvet painted lips and glossy eyes

wearing an outfit that was too tight

sipping her liquid marijuana

long and slow

and she already looked high


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