The Child in me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



All at once, Houston we have problem

I’m aging younger and younger,

And new shit getting old to me

I keep forgetting to not let things get to me

Fist fighting shadows

Wrestling in,

Security on standby

Maybe on weekends you can have a try

Nimble on cloud 9, my thoughts rolls around the idea of me , you ,and together

Though me, me , me seems to be the only thing on repeat

But who else is gonna be on top of things



Making sure things are fine

See, they laugh at the kid on the bench

No one to play for so he goes inside and sits

Dwelling with lonely , the two find love but both being empty the kid looses feeling

Running on E,

Doing the most

I’m so tired of searching for hope

But when found , I’m removing clothes and finding all the sweet spots

Believe it or not , I know magic

I use disappear before things get tragic

Leaving you scented pillows and good times

Sadly staring off  watching time fly

Do you remember when I gave you my love

Tell me , “How embracing were my hugs

I need one

Aging younger and younger , I find myself to be in debt with self

I owe me a favor or two

Eye for an Eye

I see a sea of things that could be

But I just put that ship on cruise control and let what comes , come

Remember that time I made you… yea

But where are you now ?

I find that life is game of mishaps and laughs

Juggling what’s to come from things past

But God is the now

Forever present 

in class never skipping a session

Listening and watching , ready to give a helping hand

But I’m to stubborn to reach for what'ss at hand

So I stand

Watching every one play this game called Life

Wondering if this thing is for me

Or its just something I like ,

Like long naps

Or a man who can bench 240

Oh – Lordy

I remember coming out to mama and daddy

For so long I shared space with coats and hangers so excuse my comfort

Too close ,Bumper to bumper

Wrecking for conversation I reckoned , but what the heck of it

I’m aging younger and younger


© Copyright 2020 Caleb Smith. All rights reserved.

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