Blaze of Glory (slightly revised)

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A revised version of the story with a professionally done cover.

Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



The dimly light plain shakes with turbulence. The twenty men mumble to each other occasionally, many of them had not met before today and none of them knew where they were going. All they were told was the name of the enemy. The intercom broke the near silence “We will be approaching our destination in a half hour. Please make sure you have all your luggage when you disembark.” The piolet said. Jace Axel, a dark red headed drifter looking guy snickered. Sean McKaan, one of the few with a shaved head, also had a bullet dangling from a chain, not far from Jace, rolled his eyes.  The men settle in but Jace seems to hype up, knowing they are close to wherever they are going. “Are we ready to take on this Wu Tang Clan?” Jace called out, the two men on either side of him groan and collapse in their seats. “It’s Wutonga Clan you duffis.” Sean grumbled, not caring for the jokes. Jace scoffs and says “I know that, I’m just trying to have a little fun.” “You’re in the wrong place for fun.” Sean said back, still with almost no emotion. “Excuse me for being human.” Jace said. Carlo, the youngest of the bunch had been chewing on something the whole time, he leans his head back and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. Danial Ross, a man sporting a thin mustache, fiddles with a medallion in between his fingers and stretches his neck. A thump is heard from the back of the plain. Everyone looks toward it. General William Savage, enters, his face showing the damage from multiple battles. “Wake up gentlemen, keep alert. He said and they all sit up straight. Savage walked down the small hall between the two lines of men and finds an empty seat where he buckles himself in.


The men talk about what brought them there individually. Typical army guy responses from everyone, Carlo is crazy mellow and unless talking you might not even know he’s there. He could probably easily sneak up on anyone which would likely come in handy. Sean went through extensive sniper training before coming to this war. Danial was one of those schoolyard trouble makers who was put into military camp to give him an attitude adjustment. Jace showed he was a bit of a hot head when another solder accidently berated his home town baseball team, he didn’t hear the end of that for ten minutes.


Once at their destination, Gen. Savage lead them off the plain and they all lined up, another aged balding man wearing glasses and a doctor’s coat was there. Savage stood beside him and glared at the men “We’re going to quickly run through a few basic drills to make sure you bums are qualified.” He bellowed. The men all look at each other and back at the Sargent, grumbling with annoyance. Get a move on.” Savage said “Give me a lap around the camp.”


Throughout the run and other parts of the drill, Carlo seemed to just appear behind everyone causing them to freak out. Sean watches as Jace gives him a little shit for “sneaking up on him”. Sean scoffs as he looks around at the other men, many of which are worn out. “What the hell am I doing here with these washouts?” he asked to himself, he walks over to Danial and two others who are in mid conversation. “I thought this was a time sensitive mission.” Bruno, with the crooked nose, said “why put us through all this crap that we’ve already done?” he asked, they all shook their heads in agreement. It did seem like a waste of time, Sean thought, most of them shouldn’t have even passed boot camp. Savage came out of the barracks carrying the clipboard and the conversation stopped, all the men line up looking anxious. Jace Axle and Danial Ross. William called out and they stepped forward. “Come with me.” William said turning away, he walks to an opening to an underground facility. Sean looks irritated as all the men remain in line with puzzled looks.


The doctor takes them to the lab where he explained about an experiment to improve upon them. They are strapped into a gurney, Danial was a little nervous but also really excited because he was a huge comic fan and now he was going to be like one of the heroes he read about. Jace asked question after question as he was being strapped “What exactly are you going to do? Are there going to be shocks or some kind of serum injected into us? You’ve tested this before right?” the doctor simply stated “There must be a first time for everything.” Before putting him under the gas.


Elsewhere in Africa, Azrial Wutonga commends his army, they fully control two countries and are already on the verge of taking the surrounding area. And everyone living on their land is in fear. He gives his men the typical “we are united, we will crush our enemies” speech. They are working on gaining more money and weaponry. His men have selected American cities which they would like to strike and they have been put in a hat for selection (yes, for some reason, this is how they are going to make this big decision) Bo Kuraketsu, cleans his guns, the large mounted machine gun sitting behind him is well maintained. Azrial is pleased to see his man so eager to eliminate their enemies. He goes over to Kawalczyk. Bo had brought him into the tribe some time ago, and now he was one of the most trusted by Azrial, Kawalczyk says to him “Soon your vision will be reality, the other tribes where fools to try and oppose you.” Azrial smiles “Aren’t you glad you’re not one of them anymore?” they laugh together.


After awaking, Danial and Jace proceed with further training after the power up to see exactly what they can do, to get used to it and also see the limitations of their abilities and their weaknesses. Danial seemed to be able to turn himself into a living statue. It took a while for it to trigger though but after that, rather than have Danial take a hit, they used rocks of the same density to see just how much he could take without breaking, also testing to see how much stronger he was. Oddly he could only lift an extra fifty pounds but when it came to hitting, obviously attacks where harder. Jace, who gained the ability to wield fire, found he had to wear special clothes because simple fabrics would eventually just burn up on him, at high enough temperatures. He also couldn’t hold onto weaponry for long, he didn’t really have a problem with this cause he felt using a gun or whatever was to easy. And what’s the point when you can already shoot fire out of your hands? The doctor discusses things with William behind a curtain and goes over the final results. The General seems to be pleased and congratulates the doctor.


The others where in the mess hall, even though they were being fed, they were still grumbling that they were wasting time and should just strike. Sometime during Jace and Danial’s tests, Sean had been sent out to scout the area around the enemy camp. He didn’t know why those two where picked out from the others, especially over him but he was on a task now so nothing else mattered. He watches some of Azrial’s men, through the sniper scope, fooling around in a destructive manner. He also sees what kind of arsenal and defensive abilities they have already, and is almost tempted to try to sneak in farther. He catches sight of the leader Azrial himself. I could shoot him right now and end the whole thing already. He thought, but decides not to since that was not his order. He eventually comes back with some helpful information, many of the solders still pretty peeved that they came all this way just to wait for some unknown reason, since they had yet to know about the experiments.


The troops are rounded up and are told to move out. Finally, they think. A few guys are left behind but the rest split into two groups and are given very specific orders as to how to operate. Again, the few left behind were getting more aggravated and didn’t see the point of not using the full force that they brought. Before heading out, General Savage asks Danial and Jace to hold back because he doesn’t want to reveal the “secret weapons” already. Why not, Jace thought but not saying aloud. Jace’s group were sent to the enemy’s armory bunker while Danial, Carlo and another group were to help a large village that had been set as the next target.


On the battlefield Jace is the only one who is unarmed, only throwing the occasional grenade and doing hand to hand combat. At some point his fist started to glow brighter a bit but no one noticed. One of the men call out to him “Yo, where’s your gun? It would be easier with a gun you mook.” Jace wanted light a fire under his ass but calmed himself down. Many of the enemy had spears and large knives as well as guns. Much like any normal gun fight, most of the time is spent hiding behind objects. Occasionally there would be an actual face to face combat encounter which caused a lot of cuts and scratches. Elsewhere the other group successfully helps the village, throughout it all their side only lost two men while the tribesmen lost eleven.


They come back to camp and find smoke and are told by a banged up Gen. Savage that the enemy had breached camp, killing three men and taking the doctor. Some men get together and head out to try to find the group or any lead as to their whereabouts while the rest plan their next move. All of them are down from losing men. Sometime later, the others come back. No luck in their search. Both Danial and Jace talk and agree that if even one more person was powered up and stayed with the group at camp, those men could have been spared. The sun set on the first day.


At the Wutanga camp, Azrial talks with Kawalczyk, asking about these new outsiders. “They were American, weren’t they?” Azrial asked “Likely” Kawalczyk replied “I doubt they know we want to strike their country so this is likely a ridiculous attempt to help the locals here to make they look good.” “I want more men guarding the surrounding area. They cannot be allowed to stop us now. We’ve worked too hard and too long.” Back at barracks a plan is set to strike the tribe. There are two targeted areas. One team is to be a bit of a distraction, as well as to diminish the enemy’s ammunition as much as possible, by destroying it. That night, as they approach the target area, Bo Kuraketsu peers though his night vision and spots them. He starts firing, taunting and laughing as he works the large mounted machine gun. The rest of the tribe alerted to that area, as planned. Jace leads a group of nine others, Carlo amongst them, through the underground and to the back way taking out five men before their even noticed. During the battle on the other side, Sean is hit but not killed by Bo, after he had took out three others. Reviling in his accomplishment he was getting incredibly over confident.


Elsewhere in the camp, Carlo had separated from his group, took out another five more tribesmen and met up with Danial who gets startled by him “Damn, man, wear a bell or something.” He says. They now encountered Kawalczyk. They have a two on one brawl, Kawalczyk wielding his personally made ax gun to even things up a bit, (the handle is also the gun barrel, the trigger placed just under the ax blade) he slashes, stabs and fires at them, getting some hits but not lethal ones “Stop evading you infidel’s. I promise it’ll be quicker.”Just then, Carlo was struck, the ax handle driven into his abdomen before firing. “There you go.” Kawalczyk said with a smile. Danial then goes all stone, the weapon now proving quite ineffective and eventually breaks, soon after, so does it’s wielder. Danial snaps the man’s spine like a twig. While Danial is still in shock of the death of his friend a missile hits and levels the room, all that is seen afterwards is chunks of rocks, some that look like a human face and arm.


An injured Sean has finally found a good out of sight position and takes aim at Kuraketsu who sweeps his mounted gun back and forth try to find targets. He had no idea he was the target now, Sean let the scope come into focus on Bo’s head and put a bullet through it. Other men in the area do their best to move forward and destroy the weaponry. Up to this point the good guys have lost six and the bad guys have lost nineteen, Jace has taken out eight of them himself with the help of his fire power.


Jace, Sean and the few remaining guys left head forward to the main enemy camp. Many of them shocked about Jace’s amazing ability but also the fact that they were still losing so many men and wondering where there Sargent was. There were many questions that needed to be answered but they would have to wait.


They continue to elude there enemy, sneaking closer to the base as the tribe where in a panic, still unaware of their enemies position. Azrial was yelling furiously at them all “Why does no one know where they are? There are not many places for them to hide. They should all be dead by now!” The group now lead by Jace see an air field nearby that seems to be stocking supplies, which cannot be good. They then take out ten more before the enemy is alerted to their presence; one of them is immediately shot down as the tribesmen charge them. The men are attacked at all sides. Spear, swords, knives, and all kinds of guns pointed at them. Greatly outnumbered and out gunned but Jace evens the odd’s a bit by roasting a group which scares off many of the rest. He is eventually confronted by their leader Azrial, they fight hand to hand for a bit. Jace apparently not wanting it tyo be over too quick. Jace eventually grabs hold and burns Azrial’s face “Ghaa, You’ll pay for that demon!” he said as he backed away. Soon though Azrial is eliminated with an all-out fireball “Sorry, I’m all out of cash.” Jace says. A few nearby groan. Any of Azrial’s men who still caused a resistance where quickly dealt with, the rest captured. Sean, badly scratched up, looks at the tribe’s equipment, trying to figure out where it came from when finally William Savage makes an appearance.


After a short conversation, when asked why he was gone so long. General Savage responded by killing two of his own men. One with a slash to the throat, the other with a bullet to the heart. He drops a grenade in front of the few prisoners and walks away. While he hunt’s down the others, he explains (through monologued flashback) that he had killed the men at the camp, the doctor simply went back to America to continue research and he also caused the explosion that killed Danial. This was a mission none of them were supposed to survive. He also now kills the last man, leaving Sean and Jace alone. Jace was really only hiding so he can hear the explanation. William tells them there is no record of the experiment’s, which of course will continue, now that they know it’s safe and all, they will now use it on more loyal and qualified solders. No record of them even being in Africa would be made, it will simply be believed that a rebel force fended the Wutonga tribe off. He then attacks Sean, stabbing his side, hitting him with jabs and locking him in a sleeper as he stabs him again. Jace jumps in and attacks William with some kind of flying fiery fist, he pushes the General into a separate room “The flames in hell will feel like a cool breeze compared to this you psychotic fuck!” Jace exclaims before he emits an explosive force from himself, leaving William in a burning wreckage. Jace then escapes with Sean on the nearby plane.


Days later, back in America, and hours later; Sean is still in pretty bad shape but being taken care of in a good hospital under a false name. Jace goes off the grid more or less, living on what he has, keeping quiet till he can find the doctor and whoever else was behind the betrayal and end them.

© Copyright 2019 Mathew Nicol. All rights reserved.

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