WAQT..... in search of souls

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Love ! Itself is a beautiful feeling. And it becomes more beautiful when it turns it to a life long relationship. Yes, I am talking about marriage. More specifically LOVE MARRIAGE ... Where two
heart becomes one with love. But what happens then? Are there always be happily ever after in all love stories? Why after some years the face which seems to be most beautiful face turns to the face
which he/she hates most? Why suddenly a big gap creates between two souls which once are madly in love? Why there are so misunderstanding between two peoples who never needed their voice to
understand each other? Why the strongest relationship suddenly comes to the edge of breaking?

Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



Chapter 1 - BATTLE OF EGOS

Today also ... Today also he is not at home. He forgets the day just like previous year. Not even one single phone call... Nothing .

Nandini Malhotra, 25 years old wife of great music composer and singer Manik Malhotra, left a sigh as she closes her dairy. The only place where she can express herself now ... The days when there is particular someone who is always ready to listen all her nonsense talking long gone. The dairy now only bear her as it can not protest ...

It was their fifth anniversary but still, Manik is not in the home. He even does not bother to inform her for a single time where he is. It is already 9 pm night so with worry Nandini picks the phone up and tries to call.

But suddenly the crying voice of a baby is entered in her ear. Yes, it is their baby. Their 6-month-old baby boy Manan ..... She keeps the phone in its place and picks the baby up to make him sleep again ...

The phone is laying dead like their relationship ... In between the crowd of lots of untold words.


Manik presses his temple again as his head is paining like hell. He was busy with back to back meetings with producers and some other people. The last video conference was finished just a few minutes ego. He picks his phone up to check is there any call from her or not ....... But there are none. A bitter smile break in his lip. Today is their anniversary but seems like she forgets it completely. He opens his contact list and his finger stops on the name of " Nandini " and for once it tries to press the call button. But then he just throws the phone on the table and closes his eyes in tiredness. 

The phone is lying on the cold surface of table .................. like their daily life.

Suddenly he can feel the presence of another person in his office. A hand comes from the back and starts to massage his temple.

" Aliya you are still here? " Manik asks with surprise.

" Manik what to do? I am after all your bechari P.A. I need to be here until you present in the office. " Aliya Saxena, his P.A. replies.

" Wait? Why Aliya? When no one even bothers to ask me about my daily routine then why you? " Manik asks with a bitter smile.

" Manik go home. You look tired! Besides today is your Anniversary! Nandu must be waiting for you. " Aliya replies with a soft smile.

" Aloo can you please bring a strong black coffee for me? I need it. " Manik says and tries to change the topic.

As soon as Aliya leaves to bring the coffee he smiles sadly by remembering Aliya's words " Nandini must be waiting for you! " Only he knows how wrong is it.

" Aliya you doesn't know she does not has any time for me now. Kash, I can tell you once the couple you all idolised is now nothing but two stranger in same house only. " He whispers slowly and stands up from the chair. Now he needs to go home.


Nandini is busy with her own thoughts. Suddenly the loud ball of front door breaks the silence.

" Maybe Manik comes back " she whispers with a smile and goes to open the door. As their house help is busy in the kitchen.

But to her disappointment, there stands Aryaman, her best friend from college times.

" Happy Anniversary Nandu ... I mean bhabi. " Aryaman gives a big bunch of red roses and wishes her with a smile.

" Arya doesn't call me bhabi and thanks to you .. " Nandini replies with a smile.

" So where is our Monster Malhotra? Is he today also busy with the office? " Aryaman asks teasingly.

Though Aryaman and Nandini are college friends and Manik and Aliya are elder than them still they became good friends when they met through Nandini. Aryaman starts to call her bhabi to tease her. Aliya was Manik's friend from Delhi ... After completing her Master's in Communication she came to Mumbai for the job. That time Manik has started his company. So he offered her a job.

By hearing the question the smile from Nandini's face vanished automatically. Which does not go unnoticed by Aryaman.

" Nandu everything is ok na? " He asks with concern.

" Yup Arya. Just maybe he forgets about the day. Leave it. You seat here I am just coming with your coffee ." Nandini replies and goes inside to hide her tears.

" Arya he does not want to remember the day. Now he has another person in his life. He does not need me. " She whispers sadly and removes the lonely tear comes out from her eyes 

... ...........................

They Both miss each out badly. They still have that feeling called "LOVE" deep down their heart. But they are too blind by their own ego that they never try to understand what their hearts want ... EGO one of the biggest distractor of relationship. Can Nandini and Manik ever able to found what their hearts want by clearing the EGOS between them? Or it will finally destroy their relationship?


Manik stops his car in front of a flower shop. Nandini loves the flower, especially white roses. He still remembers about buying single white roses for her from his hard earning money. With a faint smile, he enters the shop and buys a bunch of white roses for her. Today he will gift her it. May be it will make her happy. May be they can again become normal like before.

But little does he know that what Nandini needs most is his time ..... not any gift.


Nandini is busy in making dinner and Aryaman is chatting with her there.

" Wow! Nandu what an amazing smell! Listen I hope you already made some extra foods for me. As I am going to eat here only. I am not an idiot to miss these amazing foods. " Aryaman says with a checky smile.

" Arya don't worry. I did not need to make an extra amount of foods for you. I think these are enough for both. " Nandini replies with a smile.

" Enough for two? That means you do not want me to eat with you two? " Aryaman asks with mock sad tone.

" No, I am talking about you and me. I think Manik will not eat in the home today. Maybe today also he will have his dinner outside. " Nandini whispers slowly.

" You think Nandu? That means you are not sure? Then go call him and ask about it. " Aryaman replies.

" No ... I don't think he will like it if I disturb him now. " Nandini says slowly.

But little did they know that someone listens to all their talks from outside and his all hopes about today are dying with each passing second.

Manik who just enters the house with lots of hope. But as soon as he listens to Nandini's words he feels rejected. How can she today also act so indifferent? More over Aryaman's present there makes the situation more complicated. How much he misses Nandini's that care free nature ... That whole-hearted smile around her. But now she only becomes like this when ever Aryaman is around her. And this the one thing Manik is not able to take.

He knew since college days Aryaman has some feelings for Nandini. But then he backed off when Manik proposed her and she gladly accepted. He trusts his Nandini. But still, it hurts him whenever he saw them together.

So he the crushed the bunch of flowers and throw them in garbage like his own heart which was crushed by Nandini's words.

He closes his eyes and gulps down his sorrow " Why Nandini why? What went wrong between us that there is so much distance. You are with me but still why we can't able to touch each other's, soul. Why Nandini why? Kya Kami rah geya mere payer me jo maine tumhe pake bhi kho diya ? ( "Why I lost you even after get you ? " )

By placing a forced smile on his face Manik taps Aryaman's shoulder from the back.

" Hii. Buddy . When you come back? " Aryaman asks with a smile.

" Just now Arya. " Manik replies with a forced smile.

" Hmm. BY THE WAY Manik congratulations dear. " Aryaman says with a smile.

" Congratulations? Why ? Is there anything special today? " Manik asks as if he does not remember anything.

Before Aryaman replies Nandini cuts him from saying " Nothing. He just says. Now come and have dinner. "

After the silence of few seconds, Manik whispers in a slow voice " No. Nandini I do not feel like eating anything. My head is paining. You eat . And don't forget to make Aryaman eat . "

Nandini just looks at his back once without saying anything.

Manik comes in their bedroom sadly. He just wants to spend his time with her today. Is that too much to want? Without changing anything he lay down on the bed. Their six months old son sleeps there peacefully. A sigh of longing comes out from his mouth by seeing him. He just covers his face with hands and tries to get some sleep.

Here in dinning room Nandini serves the dinner to Aryaman and makes him eat with care. After finishing his dinner Aryaman takes his leave. Then she just dumps the remaining foods in the fridge with out eating anything. How can she eat ? When Manik refused to eat ? And it hurts her most. Even today also he does not want to share dinner with her.

After sometimes she enters in their bedroom with a cup of black coffee and sees Manik is sitting on their bed. He seems like too disturbed.

" May be have some problem with Aliya " she whispers slowly.

Though it is clear enough to listen Manik just neglects it. He is no mood of fighting today.

" Your coffee ... I though that you are sleeping " Nandini replies slowly.

" That is the problem. You always think and assume things as per your wish. " Manik murmured in between his teeth.

" Are you saying anything? " Nandini asks angrily.

" No nothing. Wise bhi what is remaining here to saying ? " Manik replies back.

" Yes. One need, to be honest, to say something. And obviously, you are not one . " by saying this Nandini puts the cup on the bedside table and picks their son up from the bed and starts to go out of the room.

" Where are you going? " Manik asks with a sad voice.

" Guest room. I don't want to sleep with you. It makes me feel like a wh*re.  I had enough. Tomorrow morning I am going to apply for divorce. I don't want to live with a characterless man. " Nandini shouts back.

" What? Di...divorce ..? " Manik asks in a shocked tone.

" Yes. Just because I left my house for you, it does not mean that I will bear everything. I had enough savings to live alone with my child. " Nandini answers back.

" What? Are you going to take Manan? " Manik wants to know.

" Yes. I don't want a man like you as his father.  Moreover, why do you care? It will be easy for you to move on without any burden. " Nandini replies and storms out from the room.

Manik sits on the lonely bed with a heavy heart as tears start to come out from his eyes.

" Why Nandini why? Why can't you for once trust me? I am only yours Nandini .... only yours ... Then why did you accused me with bigamy? Why ? " comes his helpless whispers.

Nandini carefully puts their son in bed and covers him with lite blankets. She too lay down beside him and closes her eyes tightly as soundless sobs start to come out from her mouth.

It really hurts her to behave rudely with him. But she is fed up. She was the pampered child of her father. no one ever ignores her. Even Manik also treated her like a queen. But now everything changed He is always busy. moreover Aliya ... They are over friendly since last few months. So all those forced Nandini to react that badly.

" Mani you know that I can't able to sleep without you ... Still, why don't you stop me for once? Just say it once Manik ..... Please say it once that you need me then I will again fulfill your life with love ... for once Manik " she says painfully.


Both of them are miserable without each other. Both of them are carving for the solace in each other's arms. But still, there are lots of distance. The distance of misunderstanding ... The distance of unsaid words.

Manik always thinks that why Nandini needs his words to express his feelings? She never needs it when they were in the relationship. Then why now? So he never took Nandini's changes seriously. So it is very easy for her to misunderstand his relationship with Aliya .....

The matter which Manik could not able to understand that there are lots of differences between a girlfriend and a wife. Sometimes she also needs to hear your feelings ... Need your attentions to remove her insecurities.

For Nandini, she in past always was the first priority for Manik. Her every wish was fulfilled even before she asked. Manik never let her knew about his struggles. So she never needs to compromise with anything.

But when they entered in marital relationships he needs to take care of other things too. So he also needs his space which she failed to provide. So when Manik starts to give her less time she can't take it and starts to make herself aloof from him. And that build a wall of misunderstanding between them ...

Now are their love is enough to break the wall? Can they able to sort out their problems or they are going to break what they share by increasing this distance. Only time can tell that.

Chapter 3 - Unfolding their past.

 Manik and Nandini both are feeling restless as they are away from each other. Manik picks a cigarette from the bedside table and starts smoking to reduce his stress. He then closes his tired eyes. Their beautiful past starts to come in front of his eyes like a long forgotten movie.


6 years ago, Mumbai


A man of her mid fifty is reading a newspaper in his lavish garden, in front of his bungalow. He is RAKESH MURTY, owner of MURTY Textile, the leading textile of Mumbai.

" Hello Pops " Suddenly one beautiful girl in her jogging dress comes and hugs him from behind.

" Uff! Nandu you are stinking ! Go and change ." The man replies with a mock irritating face.

" Very bad pops! " Nandu aka Nandini Murty, only daughter of Rakesh Murty,  replies with a pout.

Nandini Murty, a girl of her early twenty. She is the only daughter of Mr.Murty. His papa's princes. Currently, she is in her final year of B.Muisc from Space, the leading music college of India .. Mr.Murty spoiled her with his love after the death of her mother Niharika Murty.

After sometimes Nandini comes back by changing her dress.

Ramu Kaka, their old servant comes with their breakfast in the garden. As it is Sunday and family times.

" Princes Breakfast time, " Mr.Murty says with a smile.

Suddenly the gatekeeper comes with a paper in his hand. He bows in front of Rakesh Murty and Says " Saabjee"

" What happened Rana? " Mr. Murty wants to know.

" Saabjee a man comes to meet you. He gives me this paper and asks to show you this. " The gatekeeper replies back.

Rakesh takes the paper and after reading it he starts to smile.

" Ok sent him. " He replies back.

" What happens pops? You are looking very happy. "Nandini wants to know.

" Princes Raj's son comes to meet me. " Mr.Murty replies with a smile.

" Who? " Nandini wants to know.

But before Mr. Murty can able to reply back a voice comes from behind

" May I come in Sir? "

A boy of his mid twenty is standing there with a soft smile on his face. He has messy hair. His dress is not so up to date. But one look at his face and one can see a shine. Shine to do something. Especially his eyes, they can speak volume.

" Yes. Come in. " Mr. Murty replies back.

" I am Manik .... Manik Malhotra. Papa told me to visit you whenever I come to Mumbai . " the boy replies back.

" Oh. So how is life? I came to know about the death of Raj. I am sorry for your lose. You know he was my best friend since childhood. But after finishing my college I came to Mumbai and he settled in Delhi. So we lost contact. " Mr. Murty says with a smile.

" It's ok sir. I just finished my graduation in Music and now I want to be a singer. For this, I come to Mumbai. " Manik replies politely.

" That's great. So where will you live? " Mr.Murty wants to know.

" Sir still now I don't find anything. But I will find as soon as possible. " He replies back.

" No need. You are Raj's son. So you can live in our outhouse. And besides if possible please help Nandini, I mean my daughter is also a music student. If possible toh please help her in it. " Mr. Murty says.

" Ok, sir. " Manik replies back.

And then Manik starts to live in the outhouse of Murty Mansion. Day by day Nandini and Manik becomes the close friend. The mutual love for music starts to bind them in a single string ... Just like the musical tie. They start to spend their time almost together. And hence Love starts to blossom between them without their knowledge.

Then one fine day Nandini proposes Manik. But Manik, being a practical person, is at first hesitate because of their financial difference. Though he too loves her, their financial differences are too large to neglect. Nandini is the daughter of business tycoon and he is struggling in the industry with his career. But Nandini being too stubborn never gives up. So, as a result, Manik, at last, accepts his own feelings too. Then they start to date without the knowledge of Mr. Murty.

Few months after Manik finally gets his first break in the music industry. he gets a chance to sing in a movie. So they decide to spend sometimes together.

" Nandu what if your father does not accept us? " Manik wants to know.

Nandini who is busy in cooking for Manik replies back " Pops never said no to me. So don't worry he will accept. "

These few months, which Nandini spends with Manik, bring some major changes to her. She is now calm and less tempered. She even learned how to cook just for Manik. As initial few months, she saw Manik's struggle with cooking. Moreover, he used to be very tired with his recording and searching for opportunities. So maximum times he did not get to eat a proper meal. Nandini being concern about him decided to take cooking classes so that she can cook some meals for him.

" Nandini you know sometimes I really feel guilty. You deserve much better. But look at you? You are now cooking for me in this small room. You are the Murty Princess. The only heir of Murty Industry. But I have nothing to give you that luxury you deserve. " Manik says in low voice.

Nandini stands up from her seat and hugs Manik tightly by keeping her head on his chest.

" You know Manik I am the luckiest girl to have you. You know why? The heart of your is pure ... And I am the owner of this heart! Maybe other can be a golden match for me. But you are gold. Purest gold. This makes me richest. Your arms are the safest home for me Manik. " Nandini whispers slowly.

" I love you Nandini .. I just can't stay away from you. " Manik hugs her tightly and replies back.

Suddenly the door of his house is open with a bang. And there stands an angry Rakesh Murty. Manik and Nandini leave each other by his sudden unexpected entry.

" Oh Pops .. You here? " Nandini asks with a smile.

" So this is your important work with your friend? " Mr.Murty asks with anger.

" O pops actually we ... I mean we love each other. " Nandini replies nervously.

" What? Come again? " Rakesh wants to know.

" Uncle please seat no. Why are you standing? " Manik requests him politely.

" I am here to talking with my daughter. Stay away from it. " Mr.Murty shouts angrily.

" Pops calm down. Why are you so angry? Actually, I am going to tell you about us today. I love Manik pops. I want to marry him. " Nandini replies back with an expectation that like other times her pops will agree with her.

" What are you saying? Are you crazy? How can you so stupid? Don't you see he is using you! It is not loved. He is using you for his own benefit. " Mr.Murty replies back.

" Excuse me, sir! What are you saying ? " Manik, who by now is sure that his fear is coming true, Mr.Murty is not going to accept them replies back.

" I am saying the truth only. I know boys like you! They only know how to make fool of innocent and rich girls. I just help you because of my old friend. But here you? Here you want to play with my daughter? Aukat Dekha aapna ? She is my princess. And you? You are just a mere singer! And here you are dreaming of having her? " He shouts back again.

Nandini is very shocked by seeing her pops new attitude. For her, her pops are the coolest dad ever. But she just is not able to accept that her father has that type of mean mentality towards Manik just because he is not rich enough.

" Enough pops. I love him and you do not have any right to insult him like this. " Nandini shouts angrily.

" Nandu don't. Don't do it. He is your father. " Manik tries to clam Khushi down.

" Wow, now my daughter disrespects me just for a mere beggar." Mr. Murty shouts back. 

" Pops you have no right to demean him. " Comes Nandini's reply.

" It is my fault. Yes . I should not let you stay here. Ok then listen to me carefully I am not going to accept your relationship ever. Just come with me. I will arrange your marriage as soon as possible. " Rakesh replies back.

" No pops. I love him. I am not going to leave him alone. " Nandini says with determination.

" Fine! Then choose between him and me! Just remember carefully if you choose him over me then you are going to lose me forever. " Mr.Murty replies back.

" Pops what are you ...... " Nandini tries to say something.

" Choose Nandini ... me or him. " She was cut by her pops.

Nandini moves her eyes towards Manik 's face. His eyes are low but still, She can feel he is feeling guilty without any fault of his. She can see the love he has for her. She closes her eyes tightly. The past months which she spends with Manik started to come in front of her. The love, care she got from him. Her father may give her everything but not the love she was curved for. She with determination opens her eyes.

" Ok Pops, When you want me to choose between two most important persons of my life, then I am choosing Manik. Not because I love him, but because he loves me more than anything. And you only asked me to follow my heart in every situation. My heart wants him " Nandini replies with determination.

" Fine then ... From today I will think my daughter is no more. But remember one thing you will regret badly. You can't be happy with him for long. Life is not a fairytale. Surely you will understand the difference between love and marriage life. You can't live without luxury for long. But that time doesn't try to contact me. " Mr.Murty replies and starts to go towards the door.

" Sir .. Listen. Please ... " Manik tries to say something.

" Not a word more. I am done with you two. And just vacant this place before tomorrow morning. I don't want to see your face ever. " Mr.Murty replies back angrily and leaves from there.

Nandini hugs Manik tightly and starts to cry. Manik tries to make Khushi comfortable by hugging her back.

" Kya jurat thi Nandu? You can choose your father na? Then you will be happy. " Manik says slowly.

" My happiness is with you. Let's get married Manik ." Nandini replies back.

Then next day they both get married and rent an one bedroom flat to live. They started their beautiful journey together with lots of love.


"That day I promised myself that I will give you everything you deserve. For that, I will do whatever I need to. For this only I started to work extra. So that you never need to feel that you did a mistake by leaving your father. We were so happy Nandu ... But then suddenly what happened? Why did everything change suddenly? Are you now regretting marrying me? Maybe Aryaman is far far better than me! Maybe he can give me the life you deserve. " Manik whispers slowly. Tears start to come out from his eyes.

Chapter 4 - THEY FOUND LOVE AGAIN(Last Part)

Nandini is sleeping on the bed of guest room, but the sleep is far away from her eyes. She is so habituated with the warmth of Manik that without Manik sleeping in her next, it is impossible to sleep. She suppresses her sobs by burying her face in the pillow.


Manik we were happy with each other. Though we need to go through the rough situations still there is happiness, as you were with me. Our nights were always passionate, you always made me feel complete.

  But then suddenly everything started to change. You decided to start your own music company and then your times for me started to decrease. Your phone calls started to become short. Even sometimes we need to cancel our weekend plans because of your schedule. Manik I want you in my life, not your money. But seems like you want money more than anything. Then Manan comes in our life. I need to give her my times and you started to spend your times in office more. Then I met with Arya again after a long time, he was the doctor of Manan. But seems like you did not like him much. But he was always there when I need someone to share something.

Then Aliya comes in your life as your P.A. Your old college mate was she. But seems like for her it is not only friendship but more than it. And you too start to spend times with her. That time I was so busy with Manan that I could not able to give you time and also can't fulfil your needs. And for this, my insecurities started to control me. A possibility of Aliya and you together coming in my mind. I started spying on you in office hours. But you did not take it easily. I knew it was my mistake but that time I was too insecure to understand anything.

As a result, one night you confronted me about it and me could not able to control myself and accused you of bigamy. I know I was wrong, but even you did not try to correct me. But you left the room without answering anything. But that night I saw a distrust in your eyes ... Distrust about our marriage, about mine and Arya's relationship. And then our relationship started to break down. I was waiting for you to come and assure me about your and Aliya's relationship but you never came.


 Nandini comes out from her trance by the heavy sound of rain falls and thunderstorm. She knows, since childhood, Manik has a fear about it. In those nights he badly needs someone to hug her tightly to assure him everything is going to be okay. After marriage, she was there always for him but today is different. Today Manik is alone. How will he manage himself?

" Manik since marriage whenever there are rain and thunderstorm you always hugs me tightly as you can't sleep alone ... But today still, you do not come to me. How can you change that much? How ? Don't you need me now " Nandini whispers with pain .

" Nandini " Manik shouts suddenly as soon as the sound of rain enters in his ears.

" Shit! he is alone. No .. No, I can't leave him alone in this situation. He hates darkness. What if he again gets a panic attack? No .. No, I need to be with him. " Nandini whispers and comes out from her room hurriedly. The house is now completely dark as there is a current fault for the rain.

She enters the room with a candle and his eyes fall on the curling figure of her husband. Who is now start sweating badly due to his fear of darkness. 

" Mani ... Manik .. open your eyes. I am here. You are safe now. " She shouts and hugs him tightly.

" Nandu .. you come? I thought you will not come! I thought you just left me alone. Like everyone ... "  Manik who is now little stable by finding the known warmth replies slowly like a child.

" How can I not? I love you Manik! How will I live you alone? " Nandini replies back to her childlike man.

Suddenly he can feel his shirt is wet. And by seeing her body he can easily understand that she is crying.

" Nandu .. stop ... stop crying ." Manik says and starts to pat her head to make her comfortable.

" I can't ... I can't live without you. Please, I am sorry ... " Nandini whispers back.

" Then who asked you to left me and come to the guest room? I never told you to move out from the room. You yourself came here. Even you also questioned my loyalty. How can you Nandini? Don't you know I only love you? Nandu I know since few years I could not able to give you times. But I am doing this your you and Manan only! I want to give both of you every happiness you both deserves. Aliya is only my friend. " Manik replies in a teary voice.

" I am sorry Manik. I just thought that maybe you lost interest on me. " Nandini replies back.

" You thought? Then you need to come and ask me directly na? I always knew you had a small brain! Why do you use it so much that it stops working? "Manik asks with a small smile.

" Manik! Accha baba I am sorry na? Now, why are you taunting me? Besides you also insecure with Aryaman na? Arya is also only my friend. " Nandini replies with a pout.

" Yes, a friend who was going to propose you. " Manik replies back with an angry pout.

" Are he was going to. But he did not. Moreover, I am your wife, mother of your child. I am yours .. just like you are mine, " Nandini replies back and kisses softly on his mole, just above his lips, which always fascinating her.

" Btw Nandu! On a serious note please promise me in future whenever you feel that you need my time then please come and talk with me. Please never store everything within yourself. Just remember "WORDS NEVER CAN BREAK A RELATIONSHIP ... BUT SILENCE AND MISUNDERSTAND CAN ." So just promise me. " Manik asks with a soft smile.

" Accha! From now no misunderstanding. But remember you also need to give me your times. " Nandini whispers with a smile.

" Accha baba. " Manik replies.

" But Manik I am angry with you! How can you just forget our anniversary? " Nandini asks with mock anger.

" Do you really think that Nandu? I never forget it. But after coming here mujhe laga you forget it. So I didn't say anything. " Comes Manik's replies.

" Ok baba! No more sad talking. Now just hug me na! I want to sleep in your arms. " Nandini replies and hugs him more tightly.

Then the night witnesses another passionate encounter of two souls. The first ray of the sun already starts to come out from the dark cloud. Like a new day two people, who somehow lost their love among the darkness of life found it again, and this time forever. Like the new day, they also start a new beginning of their life ..... together.

" Relationships are the most important thing of our life. So no matter what try to be together. It is very easy to break a relationship, but carrying it needs lots of courage. So never loose your hope. Just remember there are always a new morning after the darkest night. "

------- Jayeeta

Manik and Nandini who loves each other madly suddenly lost their love in front of hard reality. but love never left them. it was there in the deepest corner of their heart. They just need to find it .... together. And they did it. That's why they are now together. As they know their love is more important than any misunderstanding.



So I finally complete the story. As per me, it is the most difficult story I ever write. I need to give my more that 100 % in this story. Being an unmarried girl it is really difficult to pin down the feelings of married women. But I still tried to write it with the little knowledge I get from being in a relationship for 7 long years. Hope I can fulfil your expectations on this story. For this, I really want to thank MY PARTNER NILADRI BASU for making me believe in a happy ever after ... For making me understand nothing is matter if the love is true. For help me understand that no matter what we always need to communicate about everything.

If in this story I ever hurt someone then I am sorry. it is not intentional.

Love you all.

© Copyright 2019 Jayeeta143. All rights reserved.

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