Poor Heart

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Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



Poor Heart

You poor poor heart

Do you need a jumpstart

Like the leaves on a branch that whither away with the wind

Can you feel a shedding of the torn pieces that seep through the skin

But you are something remarkable

With every piece lost, you remain workable

As if with every single piece lost, you slowly start to regenerate

Slowly releasing the poisons, toxins of the past, no thoughts to commemorate

You were made uniquely than normal

What you give is tiresomely eternal

And each time you give, you feel completed

Yet in the same moment, you are being cheated

Again and again you are punctured, left to mend yourself in the cool darkness of the night

And you are left wounded, crawling, hoping that you will be alright

Laying there waiting for the dawn of the light

Hoping this time, you still have your fight or fight

And a new dawn, a new day is to break

Despite of, you take your form, and you reshape

Because with every lesson, you shed, growing ever more radiance

Becoming one with the mind, having wisdom with obedience

Oh, you poor poor heart

One day, you'll never have to restart

Your rarity, will be held preciously and delicately

You will be held high, so elegantly

Where you should have thoughtfully been residing

Respected in love, treading softly, abiding

© Copyright 2019 Chyna Doll. All rights reserved.

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