Transitions take time

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Submitted: July 16, 2018

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Submitted: July 16, 2018



Our fate is not fixed

and why

is irrelevant

I’ve learned of migratory paths

Birds moving through corridors

Single file

In flocks that stretch miles

Clouds of moving, breathing, chirping connection

Have you seen them flow?

Fate is fixed only by reaction

How is my neighbor moving?

How do I wish to move?

We are one

How does the fruit ripen?

How does the wind blow?

How does the mountain rise?

The insect flits before me and I adjust to consume

My fate is not fixed

If I am not hungry, I do not need to eat

If I am hungry

Even then I can abstain


I am hungry

For a body matching my perception

The knowledge that through all this connection

I am a man

Born a girl

I may be less two spirited and more multidimensional

But I wouldn’t know

Realizations of that nature will come only with time

And thought and the absence of thought

To sit in the silence to stop wondering


Stop wondering


Stop wondering why.


This is my path of least resistance

Flowing like water across hard stone,

filling each crack with rivulets

Wet tentacles reach and drip onto the moss

I glide smooth and silent

But all the while,

As I yield to the stone,

Its turns and tunes and bumps and flaws

As I yield to the stone

it yields to me

See the canyon I will form

In time

In patience

In silence

See ribbons of dew become rapids of din

To rise above or sing in

No one can hear you cry to the heavens

No one can hear you scream

You are utterly alone

In my whipping whitewater

You are utterly alone

You are free

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