the winds whispers

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just a short story im writing for me to train myself and test myself for a bigger project i want to undertake. please comment with thoughts on my writing style and if you want to read more, any
feedback will be more then welcome.

its about a boy lost in loves embrace inbetween utter solitiude and loving a girl he never knew with the winds to guide him.

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



The wind brushed past zenith as if a mother brushing her child’s hair, a cold gentle wind that seemed to almost envelop zenith as he stood to pierce into the ever enrolling landscape before him. Standing on this hill he felt as if he could observe everything, as if he was the creator himself. Laying into the wind gently as if leaning into hug that which he would never feel again, never have the chance of even thinking of again. For today he already missed his chance to hug the girl he loved, he would never see her again.

His father always told him “the whispers of the wind echo our ancestors” zenith could hold true to this, laying in the winds embrace he could almost hear the whispers of a humans voice, a voice that was too sharp for him to pick up and the wind moaned and groaned over the gunes and as it whispered past him.

Zenith couldn’t help himself anymore, couldn’t hold back his feelings and felt of loss as a tickle of a tear feel down his cheek and as if a mother caring for her child the wind whisked the tear off of zeniths cheek. He was utterly alone now and had been alone for years and may forever be alone, his mother and father died before he grew to know them only a few empty sayings filled his head like echoes from his father’s memory. For all zenith knew the wind was his parents, their souls trying to look after him to this day and as far as he was concerned zenith took support from this one thought.

The wind rushed past the trees rustling hundreds of brown leaves ready to full off but all withheld the wind except one single leaf gentle flipping and falling along with the wind in a dance of harmony. Zenith slowly tracked the leaf with his eyes as the leaf slipped and flipped along the wind to gently land on a sign. “To broker street, ½ mile” zenith didn’t know if it was a sign from the wind to run back to girl just to glimpse at the girl one last time before he would forever lose her in his sight but all he could think about was her, his mind flashed to images where she stood gently going about her day to day tasks that zenith couldn’t help but watch. Her beauty and gentle features where a lure he couldn’t withhold and watched throughout his schooling life.

As the wind picked up the leaf gently embracing it in the gentle dance once again leaving the sign to once again flip and curl as the sun reflected off the shine of the brown leaf zenith couldn’t help but stand, couldn’t help but run to the town to see one last time the girl he may never see again. Running turned into a tumble turned into a run again, running as fast as he could yet faster for the wind was behind him almost pushing him almost helping him if it wasn’t for the tumbles as his feet caught each other. Running and tripping just to see her gentle hair again, just to see her last image so he may forever remember her by it while the wind brushed past his ear as if to whisper to him as if to guide him.

Zenith turned a corner to see her, so gentle and elegant she could walk on a cloud for all her posture showed, her back was turned to him and her bag was held over her shoulder. Zenith staggered forward with his hand in front as if to grasp her despite the fast she was more than several paces in front of him. Slowly one step in front of the other he moved towards her growing weaker by the step at her presence yet the wind echoing around the brick houses around him encouraged him to move, to take another step, just to reach her. He looked down to his feet so he could will them to move but as he looked up he saw him, walking over to her, and gently putting his arm around her shoulder.

Zenith collapsed under his own weight onto the floor in a heap. The wind now howling like a ghost through the windows around him, laughing at him, this wasn’t his parent’s souls it was a demon mocking him, playing with him and laughing as he failed. “No” zenith wept, “NO” he cried laying like a puppet with its strings cut he wept into the cobble path under him. His tears now unaffected by the wind soaked the dry dirt in-between the cobble slabs to create a river between the cracks, a small unsightly river that ants could drown in.

“Are you ok?” he heard a soft voice beckon to him as a figure approached. Zenith looked up to see Sania, a class member of his that he didn’t really get to know or ever talked to, she was a stranger to him as everyone else in the class was for zenith was always alone. “I’m fine” wept zenith, more to himself then to her. “I’m fine” he cried again trying to convince himself that he was ok, and that he would truly be ok but even know he gently whispered it and screamed it the words didn’t stick, didn’t hold. “im ok, I swear it!” he cried out as he got up and sprang for the road he had come down from. Running again and fumbling he ran till he was out of sight and once out of sight he ran once more till he was truly beyond anyone’s reach.

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