obama's tour to africa is for no help to the continent

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an opinion on barack obama's homecoming

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Upon Barack Obama’s inauguration as first Black President of United States of America, all roads, streets, barber shops and market centers in the black continent, Africa witnessed businesses coming to a standstill, a bid that drove the continent into bliss.

His popularity with Africans surged than before, leave alone the colonial independence but what most Blacks saw as a relief to their quest to quench freedom; access to jobs, better healthcare, good road systems, improved education among other desires of the blacks.

This excitement was greeted by Obama’s clear identifiable roots from the continent more specifically from Kenya where his father is rooted from.

Obama’s sentiment about his roots from Africa whose grandfather served as a cook during the British Colonial era in Kenya would have been a starting point for massive investment in Africa. He would have been motivated by the fact that blacks since the days of yore had never had a powerful son/daughter with considerable command in a powerful office like the one he held for a term of two years, translating to 8 years of service in the White land.

Everybody across the globe believes America is the land of opportunities and therefore Obama would have seen a palpable sense to live a legacy in Africa through America.


The only programme that Obama gave to Africans is the YALI Programme which I believe in itself is an irony to the continent. The programme provides a way out of the labyrinth of Cold war – style postures that have plagued U.S-Africa relations. While there is a Civic Leadership component, it could be strengthened to create a more all-inclusive program that helps strengthen these young Africans’ binder to civil society and economic laissez-faire. It would constitute a hands-on approach to a host of ills, from corruption to radicalism in the continent.

Obama’s current visit to Africa; Kenya and South Africa has of less impact to the continent, he is coming at a time when he’s a retiree with no guns to power the continent. He is of less influence on matters concerning Africa’s politics and economy. Little did he know that while serving in the White House he had all the powers and privileges to empower and influence the black continent’s economy and it’s deteriorated democracy.

His yesterday’s tour to his ancentral land in Kogelo Village, Siaya County in Kenya during the Sauti Kuulaunch left no significant mark in Siaya County, leave alone Kenya and Africa at large. At this era Obama has no capacity to mount financial campaigns – finances power economies which translate to economic empowerment of a society. While serving as the President of a power nation, Obama had every opportunity to bring American investors in Africa – to bring businesses in the black continent, promote youthful networks hence resulting to powerful African entrepreneurs. This would be enough for the black continent. A sustainable economy can combat poverty, diseases, illiteracy and fight electoral injustices in African countries hence promoting the continent’s welfare.


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