I’m alright.

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Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Is it acceptable to leave my suit around the city?

A toe and a kidney in the train station's 4ft deep fountain, 

I'll leave my lungs drowning. 

Can I forget my spine on my 8th grade math desk?

Pains and my chest in the girls bathroom. 

Elbows chopped and propped up on circle tables.

Don't worry, they'll blend in with the lunch. 

Rip the labels off of tonight's dinner;

Replace fettuccine noddles with shreds of my uterus.  

Is it okay to disassemble here?

In this moment I can't stop my bones from deteriorating. 

Oddly it doesn't disturb me that my lips are now kissing my left eyes iris. 

If it falls out of socket can I leave it on the thrift store counter?

In exchange for fabric I use to coddle my leaking heart.

Am I allowed to fall apart in your local dispensary?

Can I count on breaking down in your town?

Leave my shoulders and head on the mountains?

The look of a dead body is astounding. 

Don't try to outthink nature. 

I've always felt full from feeding the birds,

So leave my legs on the curb of Risser. 

When I'm only invisible you'll still hear my soul whisper,

Through the ripples of the river. 

I never needed my body to speak. 


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