The Music

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A poem about the man behind the music, this was written while listening an amazing band.

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



I fell in love with the music
With the ebb and flow of words
Captured on a melancholy tongue
The melody an echo of the beat
Of a damaged heart locked away

I felt the call of the strains
An out of tune frequency
Speaking straight to the core of me
Awakening, pulling, seizing hold
Of a dormant soul left to die

I was comatose when it found me
Songs of a monster left drowning
Of a demonized angel falling from the sky
Searching in vain for that lost soul
The last piece to a puzzle made of pain

It spoke to me as a tether
That metaphorical connection between us
Binding the spirits abandoned
On a wavelength lost to time and space
And with the sound of your voice

I was reawakened.

I am your counterpart, the complement
The counter melody you could not find
The light in you is reflected in me
Mirrored, reversed, a perfect twin
To the hurt and longing in your voice

The hope that lay long dead
Within a soul kept frozen from times past
Was ignited with flames from the stars
Searching for the melting point
Trapped inside eyes so cold they burn

You sent a wounded soul out searching
Adrift in a sea of shallow desire
Hopelessly straining against the current
Seeking the wayward frequencies
Until it connected with mine

Fall back to the Earth for a moment
Bring me close enough to you
To take off into the night sky
And disappear again into the nothing
Never again alone, never again lifeless

I fell in love with the music -
But I stayed for you

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