Young Boy Called to Become Dentist

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God calls a young boy to become a dentist.

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



Young Boy Called to Become Dentist


By Greg Miller © 2018


From his earliest memories, Jack had known the call of God on His life.


When he was 10 years old, Jack thought back to when he was five years old. Jack’s parents had given him a special birthday party, complete with a candle-topped cake, a magical trip to the local amusement park, and a fantastic party complete with clowns, puppets and his entire class from school.


Following the party with all its finery, Jacob and Jacinth, his parents, asked their son to sit with them in their home’s family room for a talk. “Jack,” his mother began, “you know your dad and I only want the best for you.”


“And the best for you is that God’s will for your life be fulfilled,” said his dad. “I know you’re only five years old, but you’re never too young to begin thinking about God’s plan for your life.”


“I’ve already started thinking about that,” Jack said. “In fact, if you remember, before I was even born, you two, the Lord and I had a conversation about His will for my life. I’ve never forgotten that little talk.”


“That’s right,” Jacinth recalled. “I had almost forgotten the conversation.”


“Me, too,” said Jacob.


“Well, the Lord told the three of us He wanted me to grow up to become a dentist,” said Jack. “He said that while I was pulling and filling teeth, He wanted me to tell my patients of His great love. He said, ‘I want you to tell them that I am the light of the world.’”


‘In fact, your brother, John, and your sister, Jacqueline, have also been called to serve me in the medical field. John will become a surgeon, and Jacqueline will become a nurse and work in pediatrics.”


“I don’t understand, Lord,” said Jacob. “I work as a carpenter, and their mom works as a waitress. Why wouldn’t you call them as carpenters or as a waiter or waitress?”


“That just wasn’t my plan,” smiled the Lord.



Jack said, “I have a question, mom. I’m still a little kid. And right now, it seems an easy thing to tell people about the Lord. Do you think it will be as easy when I’m all grown up?”


“Do you remember what the Lord said when you asked Him how easy it would be to share your testimony about Him,” asked Jacinth.


“Yes, I do mom,” Jack grinned. He said, ‘Sometimes it will be easy. At other times, it will be just like pulling teeth!’”


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