A Pudding Cupcake

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Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018





Today is not my birthday

However, my cupcake is on the menu be that it may

Advertised to be the tastiest I must say

Mmm, a sweet morsel to ravish, known to chase any blues away

Sit and enjoy this dessert catered just for you

A little dollop of whip cream and a cherry on top to entice your devouring mood

Since you like the popped cherry juices and I like to enjoy the nuts, satisfying when blended together

I’m sure this alliance would make this feast to indulge so much better

Everyone knows this little sweet course is the best known finger food

Once it reaches the lips its’s just that good

Wait, first you must lick the icing to taste the confection flavor

Roll the tip of your tongue around to allow the flavor on your tongue to slowly savor

Or, you can go straight for the soft center to taste

Only if your inquisitive palate refuses to wait

Do you love my pudding cupcake, as you enjoy the taste inside and out

To relish it fully, you must adjust the roof of your mouth

You may have to use your fingers to delicately peel back the soft barrier covering

Mouth on top of the mound, taste buds just a smothering

Handsome, do you like the pudding in the middle

And no, this sweet poem is not intended as a riddle

Just a pudding cupcake I wanted to share

Sorry, I have no more to spare




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