Of Scorpions and Vampires

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A conversation spawned this little flash fiction piece. It takes place in the War of Destiny universe (many years after the currently published books). At the moment it is a stand alone, although
it might get incorporated into a larger story at a later time.

A little girl's curiosity sparks an interesting question - what happens if a scorpion bites a vampire?

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



“Aunt Julia, what happens if a scorpion bites you? Does it become like you?”

I looked up from the map that splits New York City into carefully constructed hunting grounds for the five groups of vampires who live here. I had thought the little girl was coloring in her bedroom.

Rebecca leaned over the arm of the couch, brown eyes wide, her head tilted slightly. I stared at the child in confusion, having no idea what brought on such a strange question. “Scorpions? Where did you learn about scorpions?” I asked.

“The book that Uncle Nickolas gave me,” she answered promptly. “It has pictures of lots of animals in it.”

“I think they are arachnids,” I corrected. Rebecca’s brow furrowed, and I continued. “They are like spiders because they have eight legs.”

“Oh,” she said and continued to stare at me expectantly. I studied her, trying to figure out what was going on in her head. The little girl I rescued from a Nazi deportation camp almost a year ago knew almost nothing about vampires except that her new family was vampires. “Since scorpions bite, they get some of your blood and then maybe turn into big scary scorpions,” she added.

A muffled snort of laughter erupted from across the room. I turned my head to glare at Matthew who was trying – unsuccessfully – to keep his mirth contained. Amusement danced in the eyes of other ka-tet members as well, but no one came to my rescue.

Rebecca stood up and scowled at Matthew. “I have a picture!”

“Of a scorpion?” I asked.

“Of a vampire scorpion!” she announced and ran to the door. Samuel stood in the doorway, holding a piece of paper. She took it from him and handed it to me with a whoosh of air before standing in front of me with her arms crossed.

I turned over the paper and exclaimed, “Good God!”  The creature drawn was hideous, drawn to three sizes bigger than a real one with red eyes, long jagged pinchers, long pointed fangs, and a huge tail with a stinger. The monstrosity pictured was also beyond Rebecca’s talent with crayons. I looked back up at Samuel and frowned. “You drew this?”

“I followed her specifications exactly,” he replied with a small smile. “Her imagination is incredible.”

“Can I see the scorpion vampire?” Matthew asked. With a sigh, I gave him the picture to look at. Gabriel, Allison, Joel, and Elissa crowded around to see it as well.

Gabriel, our youngest vampire, scrunched up his face. “I hope that’s not true.”

“That would give me nightmares,” Allison stated. The small boy sitting beside her nodded.

“It would make an interesting opponent,” Elissa murmured with a sly grin.

Matthew shook his head. “That would scare any opponent if it were real.”

“Which it isn’t,” I snapped. “Nickolas!”

Samuel moved to stand next to Rebecca as Nickolas appeared in the doorway, looking confused. “What?”

Matthew got up and showed him the picture. “What the hell is that thing?” Nickolas asked.

“A vampire scorpion,” Rebecca replied and repeated her question.

Nickolas looked at me, scratching his head. “You gave her that book. As the only vampire among us who’s lived in the southwest, would you care to explain what happens when a scorpion bites one of us?”

“A scorpion doesn’t bite, it stings. It injects venom; it doesn’t drink blood so nothing would happen to the scorpion. I reckon we’ll feel a sting for a few seconds and that’s about it.”

“It’s a bee that doesn’t fly?” Rebecca asked.

“Kind of.”

Rebecca tapped her chin for a moment. “What about mosquitos? They drink blood, right? They must have drunk vampire blood before.”

“If vampire mosquitos look anything like that vampire scorpion you pictured, no thank you. The little bloodsuckers are bad enough as it is,” Matthew said.

“But are they insects that became vampires?” Gabriel asked.

Samuel shrugged. “We’ve debated that for hundreds of years. There’s even a theory that it’s the same mosquitos returning every year, not hatchlings like scientists think.”

“That is a disturbing idea,” Allison said.

“If that’s true, how are they still spreading disease? We don’t get sick,” Nickolas pondered. “If our blood changed them into vampires they shouldn’t be able to get people sick.”

“This is kind of a creepy topic,” I said. Singing caught my attention before I said anything more and I looked past everyone to see Rebecca dancing next to the radio, oblivious to our conversation. Her question about scorpions started this bizarre conversation, but typical of children her age, she had lost interest and moved on to the next thing.

“I think we should move on too,” Joel said wisely.

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