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I wrote this in my dreams-

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018





I am the writer with my pen I will create

Stories of love and stories of hate.

Many legends , tales and dreams

Im unable to stop writing it seems.


I am the writer with insane aspiration.

Let you feel all the emotions,wrath,despair, lust or humiliation.

Ive made up my choice its loud clear

My message will spread for everyone to hear


Im am the writer who killed his own sons and wife

A change was needed so I got rid of my old life.

Now that I am relieved of all my distractions

The day will come where the world must react to my actions.


I am the writer with inhuman powers

when my words reach your ears ,mankind will be devoured.

Everyone who opposes me will disappear

The word of god ,now impossible to overhear.



These cries in my head they shout all day long

But I am the writer so they will never be gone.


I am the writer

I am the writer

I am the writer


sitting in an asylum cell , have gone insane

I guess you could already tell.

Couldnt go outside anymore, these voices wont let me

They wont stop debating I cannot disagree


I am the writer drifted by madness

Now the only thing left in my heart is sadness.

Fear not ,my time on this world is almost over

but at least I will leave gift , or maybe you could say a leftover.


As long as there is readers like you and me

Who give words powers and set emotions free.

The one and only thing for humanity to obtain.

The legacy I wrote will be here to remain.

~The end

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